Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill Running Machine

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill Running Machine

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill Running Machine, magnetic resistance system for ultra quiet operation, 8 levels of resistance (the force which your running against), multi function computer display showing speed, distance, calorie counter and exercise time. Folds flat and would easily fit under your bed as the handrails wrap flat around the treadmill.

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The Confidence Treadmill has built in wheels so when folded its easy to transport and store the treadmill, simply wheel the treadmill around, store the treadmill behind a door or under the bed or mount the treadmill on the wall with wall hooks.

16 Stone Max User Weight Treadmill

The treadmill is designed for users weighing up to 100 kg which is just under 16 stone, the treadmill is not only suitable for running or walking but also great for dogs to exercise on too, its great exercise for both people and dogs and much better than taking the dog and yourself out for exercise in the rain.

To move the treadmill from its folded position to its unfolded and ready to use position requires just one locking pin to be put in place so its really easy to use without any complicated mechanism.

The Confidence Fitness Treadmill Comes With A One Year Warranty

The Confidence Fitness Treadmill comes with a one year warranty, any faults with the treadmill and your get a free replacement treadmill or a free repair at the discretion of the treadmill manufacturer, delivery is free and usually within two days of placing the order so your soon be receiving your treadmill at home and can begin exercising.

Runway Size

The runway size (thatís the size of the actual treadmill conveyor belt that you stand on) is 38 cm in width and 102 cm in length, thatís 15 inches in width and 40 inches in length, thatís plenty of room to stand on the treadmill without the handlebars being two close to the sides of your body and the long length of the treadmill means that even the tallest of users with long legs and long stride lengths can use this treadmill.

When folded the treadmill has a size of 122 cm in length and 20 cm in width thatís 48 inches in length and 8 inches in width, so a small enough size when folded that this treadmill is by far the easiest to store.

The treadmill uses magnetic resistance, magnetic resistance treadmills have fewer moving parts than more mechanical resistance based treadmills have and so last longer, magnetic resistance as the name suggests uses electro-magnets to provide the resistance to your movement on the treadmill.

The Confidence Treadmill weighs 21kg which is 3 stone, so really easy to move the treadmill around as its so lightweight.

This treadmill has a really well designed digital display mounted on the front hand grips, thereís plenty of room to still put your hands on the hand grips directly in front of the treadmill as the digital display only occupies the centre of the hand grips leaving the left and right sides of the hand grips free for your hands, some people like to pull themselves along on the treadmill by holding tightly to the hand grips in front of the treadmill.

Adjustable Treadmill Height

You can adjust the height of the treadmill hand grips and digital display by turning the round knob on the side of the treadmill frame, simply pull out the height adjusting knob and screw the knob back in at a higher or lower height, this makes the treadmill ideal for users of all heights including children.

The treadmill features a slight incline, just enough to make it easier to walk or run on the treadmill, an incline causes you to burn 100 more calories than running on the flat, an incline also helps give definition to your thighs, calfís and buttocks.

The locking bolt that fixes the treadmill in either its open or closed position is located down at the base of the treadmill and looks just like the height adjustment control knob, remove the locking knob and the treadmill will fold, you can then put the locking knob back in its place when the treadmill is folded, this will hold the treadmill in the folded position so you can easily move the treadmill around your home for storage.

When folded yon donít need to have the treadmill sitting on the floor taking up so much room you can stand the treadmill on on its end where the frame acts as a foot to hold the treadmill in an upright position where the treadmill doesnít take up any room at all.

There are 8 adjustable resistance levels all selectable from the digital display unit, select resistance level one for the easiest level of resistance to run against and resistance level 2 for the next hardest up to resistance level 8 which is the highest level of resistance and the hardest to exercise against.

You donít have to be fit or in good shape to use the Confidence Treadmill, as the name suggests this treadmill gives you the confidence to start exercising, its a very simple treadmill, thatís very easy to use and thatís the best start for someone not used to exercising.

This confidence treadmill does not have a motor, so you can use the treadmill anywhere you like and your not limited to go where in the house you have an electrical supply, use the treadmill in the garage or in the shed, because the treadmill does not have an electric motor there is no motor forcing you to move forward so you can walk or run at your own pace.

Fast Walking, Slow Walking, Jogging Or Running

Use this folding treadmill for fast walking, slow walking, jogging or running, the handlebars are very strong and ideal for users you donít have good balance and want to be able to lean on the treadmill for support.

The only assembly you have to do on this treadmill is fit the handlebars, and they simply slot together and tighten with the tool provided with the treadmill, a battery is also included for you to fit onto the digital display, the treadmill does not have an electric motor but the digital display is powered by batteries.

Ideal Dog Walking Treadmill

Because the treadmill is not powered its ideal for dogs to walk on too, a great way for your pets to get exercise, your dog can simply stop walking or jump off the treadmill when they have had enough.

The Confidence Fitness Treadmill comes with a small bottle of oil, this is to put a thin film of oil on the roller of the treadmill, this keeps the treadmill belt tight and prevents squeaks or friction causing wear, you wonít need to use the oil until you hear the treadmill squeaking this should typically be after six months of use, but depending on your use you might never have to use the oil.

The speed of the treadmill is controlled by how fast you walk or run, with no electric motor you control your own speed rather than being pulled along, for people not familiar to treadmill running this is ideal as its being pulled along on the treadmill that usually leads to accidents.

The treadmill has a slight incline to aid walking on the treadmill and to make it easier to move the treadmill running belt with your feet, if you have knees that hurt or a hip that hurts donít worry the incline will not aggravate your condition, and as your pulling yourself along using your feet and the handlebars you can move as fast or as slow as is comfortable for you.

Quiet Magnetic Resistance

If you live in a flat or other shared housing where you might be worried about the noise of the treadmill, donít be because the treadmill uses magnetic resistance and does not have an electric motor so the treadmill is extremely quiet in use, the neighbours wonít be able to hear the treadmill as its no louder than say a television being on in the room.

The treadmill comes with a timer on the digital display to reset the digital display hold the red button on the display and start to walk, the display will reset to zero time, zero distance and zero calories and distance travelled.

The calorie counter on the treadmill, makes it easy to walk or run until a certain number of calories have been burned each day or use the step counter to count how many steps you have made each day on the treadmill, then the next week try and increase the number of steps you have made or calories you have burned, the way to lose weight and get fit is to make small incremental improvements to your exercise regime over time.

Use the treadmill for quick runs or walks or longer walks, you can for example walk 5 miles on this treadmill each day using the distance counter to see how far you have walked, its a great way to walk yourself fit without having to go and walk outside and of course you can listen to the TV or radio whist you walk on the treadmill, as being magnetic resistance and with no motor the treadmill makes hardly any noise at all.

The Treadmill That Uses No Mains Power

An environmentally friendly treadmill that uses no mains power, you are the power, you walking on the treadmill surface causes the treadmill belt to move around, its the perfect low environmental impact way to get fit.

The faster you walk or run the faster the treadmill will move, so your always in control of the treadmill rather than the treadmill pulling you forward and thatís what makes the Confidence Treadmill ideal for use by animals, because it is their own effort to walk on the treadmill, that causes the treadmill belt to move around animals feel safe on the treadmill too.

Magnetic Resistance System

Whilst the treadmill uses a magnetic resistance system to provide the resistance to your movement that does not mean you cannot wear metal jewellery or use a phone whist your on this treadmill the magnetic system is housed inside the treadmill and will not interfere with any electrical devices or metallic jewellery that you might have.

The Maximum Speed Is As Fast As Your Legs Can Carry You

If your wondering what the maximum speed of this manual treadmill is, well its as fast as your legs can carry you, without an electric motor the maximum speed is governed by how quickly you can walk or jog on the conveyor belt surface.

The incline on the treadmill is 8 degrees from the horizontal, thatís just enough incline to make it easier to walk or run on the treadmill and actually provide a level of resistance to your movement encouraging you to get fit and active, the perfect treadmill for users recovering from illness or accident as a manual treadmill moves entirely at the users own speed.

Standing Treadmill

You can use the Confidence Manual Treadmill as a standing treadmill where you can hold a lightweight laptop or tablet computer in your hand as you exercise, this way you can get on with some work and still be exercising, working whilst exercising not only saves you time but also makes exercising much easier as many times your forget that your exercising whilst you are working.

This Confidence Manual Treadmill is a very cheap treadmill, if your thinking of exercising by walking or running but donít want to spend a lot especially as your not sure if this form of exercise is for you then this treadmill is an excellent way to find out, for the average user this treadmill will be all thatís needed, its simple to use and has inspired many to get fit, lose weight and stay active.

For Many Users Needing Rehabilitation After Injury Or Illness

For many users needing rehabilitation after injury or illness this has become a recommended treadmill because its cheap, easy to use and very sturdy and long lasting in use. The Confidence Manual Treadmill is a basic treadmill ideal for older users looking to save money and only interested in a basic treadmill with just the essential features and none of the extra features that never get used.

This treadmill has a dual flywheel what that means is that when you start to walk or run and build up momentum that momentum is maintained through the use of having two flywheels, the additional mass of the flywheels maintains the treadmill belt moving forward so the treadmill does not move in jerks or be regarded as sticky, instead the treadmill is smooth in motion and easy to operate.