Confidence Fitness Power Walker Motorised Electric Treadmill Walking Machine

Confidence Fitness Power Walker Motorised Electric Treadmill Walking Machine

Confidence Fitness Power Walker Motorised Electric Treadmill Walking Machine Review

The Confidence Fitness Power Walker Motorised Electric Treadmill Walking Machine has a powerful 500 watt electric motor with a maximum speed of 6 km per hour, digital display measuring speed, distance, time and calories including an emergency stop cord to attach to your clothing in case you fall off.

This Confidence Power Walker Treadmill uses a 500 watt motor to drive the treadmill running deck around at a maximum speed of 6 km per hour thatís 3.72 miles per hour, if you wanted to run a marathon on this Confidence Treadmill and you ran at the machines top speed you could run 26 miles in approximately 6 hours, this highlights what the Power Walker is for, its for walking rather than running, you could of course use the treadmill for running if you wished but you would be missing out on some of the features that make the Power Walker such a great walking treadmill.

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The large and easy to use LCD display can show your walking speed, distance walked, time taken and the calories you have burned whilst you have been walking. Thereís also an emergency stop button on the treadmill console in front of you as well as an emergency stop cord, the cord attaches to the display console and the other end has a clip for clipping onto your clothing like your t-shirt or your shorts or trousers.

If you pull the cord off the display console (its held in place by a magnet) then the walking machine will come to an immediate halt, this is so you if you fall and the cord attached to your clothing pulls away from the treadmill the treadmill motor will cut out, so if you fall onto the treadmill, the treadmill wonít try to keep working.

The digital display can also show you the calories you are burning in real time as you walk on the treadmill, being able to see a calorie count of the calories you have lost as you are losing them really inspires you to keep on walking.

Walking Treadmill

This walking treadmill folds up really small, when folded the treadmill looks like a small trouser press, the handlebars tuck around the treadmill deck and the whole folded treadmill can be easily lifted and carried into another room for storage, the folded treadmill could be transported in the boot of your car or on the back seat, its really that small when folded or you could store the folded treadmill under the stairs or in a cupboard, the folded design really is very space saving and modern looking.

The runway size (the size of the conveyor belt you walk on) is 78 cm by 27.5 cm which is 31 inches long by 11 inches wide, that gives plenty room for even tall walkers who because they have long legs will have a large stride length and appreciate a longer running deck, with 11 inches of width thereís plenty of room for even the largest of feet.

The maximum weight of the user walking on this treadmill must not exceed 90 kg which is just over 14 stone, so a good treadmill for the heavier person to use to lose some weight and slim down, the powder coated white metal frame is very sturdy and can be used to lean on whilst you are walking, if you need support whilst walking, then you can put your weight on the frame and lean on the frame for support, ideal for rehabilitation and users with limited movement who still need to exercise daily.

The walking treadmill weighs 18 kg thatís just under 3 stone, so easy enough to move around your home, especially when folded and yet heavier enough to be stable and secure in use, when folded this tiny treadmill takes up just 24 cm in length, 54 cm wide and 115 cm tall thatís 10 inches in length, 21 inches in width and 45 cm tall so really easy to store such a small treadmill.

The maximum speed of 6 km per hour or 3.73 miles per hour is the speed your be walking when you have a brisk or fast walk, you donít have to jog or run to walk at this top speed, of course the walking treadmill can run a lot slower and the speed of the treadmill is controlled by the speed increase and decrease buttons on the treadmill control panel.

Walking is much better for you than running as walking is a low impact exercise and running is a high impact exercise meaning you are more likely to damage joints and muscles running than you are walking, walking is better for your knees, back, spine and hips than running.

Walking Machine

The advantage of owning your very own walking machine is that you donít have to walk on the street, you can walk indoors without getting wet or cold when it rains and without passers by commenting on your exercise ability.

To change the treadmill from the in use position or unfolded position to the folded position is as simple as turning one locking knob, this knob locks the treadmill in the open or unfolded position ready for use and can be unlocked by turning the knob when you want to fold the treadmill for storage.

The bottom of the treadmill when the walking machine is folded has castor wheels so its very easy to wheel the folded treadmill around your home for storage, push the folded treadmill against a wall out of the way when not in use and move to the middle of the room when you want to exercise.

The Walking Treadmill Is Ideal For Power Walking Or Walking Fast

The walking treadmill is ideal for power walking or walking fast, if you want to run or jog you can do that on this treadmill but its meant for walking, so if its just the occasional jog or run then this treadmill will be ideal but if you want to run each day then a running treadmill rather than this walking treadmill will be needed.

If you have had a hip replacement and need to keep active by walking then this power walker is ideal as the slow speed you can select, coupled with the emergency stop cord for safety and the big and easy to hold handlebars for support make this treadmill an excellent choice.

You can easily adjust the walking speed to your pace with the speed increase and decrease buttons which are within easy reach on the display console in front of you, thereís no reason to have the machine pull you along faster than you want to walk, select a slow and comfortable walking speed thatís right for you.

The walking treadmill is so easy to use, first press the start button then press the mode button and the machine will scan through distance travelled, speed, calories and time taken, the machine will stop moving after 30 minutes, that should be a good amount of walking for those less able to walk far, if you want to use the machine again then simply press the start button again for another 30 minutes of use before the time out.

The running belt can be adjusted by using the Allan Keys provided, at the ends of the treadmill there is an Allen Key bolt, turning this bolt makes the running track belt tighter or looser.

Use the walking treadmill or any floor type, its fine to use on carpet, concrete floors, wooden floors, laminate flooring and vinyl floors, the machine makes very little noise because your not walking very fast.

Use the treadmill to get fit by walking whilst your doing other things, the treadmill can be set to walk slowly so you can read a book or magazine whilst your walking or you can listen to the radio or watch television whulst you walk, the machine makes very little noise and wonít distract you from watching TV.

You Can Use This Treadmill As A Walking Desk

You can use this treadmill as a walking desk, its much cheaper than specialised walking desks that cost a great deal of money, simply use the treadmill with your laptop as you walk, hold the laptop if your using a small laptop like a netbook or tablet device in youíre hand as you walk.

The walking treadmill is supplied with a small bottle of oil this is for oiling the treadmill belt pins and is only something you will have to do once every six months, the oil stops the treadmill rollers from squeaking, you can wait until the treadmill starts squeaking before using the oil as this will depend on how often you use the treadmill and if the treadmill pins have dried out from the oil that is applied to them at the factory.

This Confidence Walking Treadmill Makes An Ideal Dog Treadmill

This Confidence Walking Treadmill makes an ideal Dog Treadmill, use this treadmill to exercise your dog, thereís no need to go take your dog outside when its raining when you can let your dog walk on the treadmill by themselves its easy enough for your dog to jump off the treadmill when they have had enough and ideal if you have poor mobility and are unable to get out the house yourself to walk the dog.

You can use the exercise programmes which will automatically adjust the speed of the treadmill for you as if you were following a walking path where some parts of the walk were at a faster pace than others, if you want to adjust the speed of the treadmill manually and set the exact speed you want to be walking at then simply switch the treadmill on and press the start button without pressing the mode button, the machine will start and the speed will be controlled by the speed increase and decrease button next to the treadmill display.

This walking treadmill is mains powered it needs to be plugged into a wall socket for the machine to work, the belt will not run round without electricity as there is an electric motor inside the treadmill which needs to turn round.

If You Have Weak Legs And Just Need To Exercise Your Legs

If you have weak legs and just need to exercise your legs occasionally the Confidence Walker is a great choice, its a cheap walking treadmill that folds away nice and small and yet has a good solid handrail and is sturdy in use.

The walker has six different exercise settings, these are automatic exercise programmes designed to give you some variation in walking or of course you can control the speed yourself. The safety cord that is supplied with the treadmill must be plugged into the digital display, if you donít plug the safety cord in the machine will not start, this is a safety feature as when the cord has been pulled away from the treadmill, the treadmill will automatically stop.

The big and sturdy handlebars make holding onto something whilst you walk really easy, the handlebars are 34 inches above the base of the treadmill so an ideal height for small as well as tall users.

For those that like walking at their own pace rather than using an exercise programme thereís the manual mode, this allows you to walk at your own pace setting the speed yourself. Yo donít need to wear shoes when using the walking treadmill, wearing socks or bare feet is fine, your not walking so fast that you need trainers or shoes and walking in socks is so much more relaxing.

If Your A Power Walker And Like To Walk To Keep Active

If your a power walker and like to walk to keep active then the Confidence Power Walker will help you stay fit and active.

With next day free delivery your have your treadmill the very next day, ideal if your in a hurry to start exercising. The elderly with walking difficulties will find this walking treadmill very helpful, when walking outside your more likely to fall or trip over as you have to walk on rough ground, with a walking treadmill to use in the comfort of your own home you can hold onto the handrail as you walk and there will never be rough ground.

Ideal for all times of the year as its nicer to walk in the comfort of your own home, especially useful when the weather is bad so you donít have to get wet or slip on the pavement outside, whilst made for the elderly its great for dog walking too and ideal for children who want a bit of fun walking on a treadmill without the danger of a faster moving running treadmill.