Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill Review

Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill Review

Confidence Power Plus Treadmill

Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill Review, this simple treadmill folds completely flat when not in use and will fit under your bed. The folding treadmill has a 1km speed increment up to a maximum speed of 10km per hour. Ideal for walking as well as running, start your journey to fitness and health with simple walking, with a maximum user weight of 19 stone this treadmills suitable for all.

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Fold Up Completely Flat

The Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill is one of very few treadmills that actually do fold up completely flat, so flat in fact that you can store the folded treadmill under your bed or behind a door or hanging up on the wall or under the stairs or in a cupboard, when not in use this treadmill does not take up much room.

Get Fit And Lose Weight

If your just starting on your journey to get fit and lose weight you might not want to spend a lot of money on a treadmill so the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill is an ideal choice, of course just because you want a cheap treadmill does not mean that the treadmill cannot be strong and sturdy, it needs to be especially if you are overweight and need a treadmill that is both cheap and yet well specified for a larger user weight.

Maximum User Weight Of 120Kg (19 Stone In Weight)

The Confidence Treadmill has a maximum user weight of 120kg which is 19 stone in weight, that is by far one of the largest user weight capacities of any treadmill, even more expensive and more high tech treadmills have lower carrying capacities.

The Confidence Treadmill has an electric motor which powers the treadmill running belt, the speed of the motor increases in 1km per hour steps (0.62 miles per hour increments) that means there’s plenty of choice available to choose the speed you want to run at, the maximum speed available is 10km per hour which is 6.21 miles per hour, to put that in perspective on this treadmill you could run a 26 mile marathon in just under 4 hours and twenty minutes, so if your in training for a marathon or half marathon then this is the low cost treadmill for you.

The Elderly Or Those Wanting A Treadmill For Rehabilitation From Injury Or Illness

For the elderly or those wanting a treadmill for rehabilitation from injury or illness the Confidence Treadmill provides a good range of features at a low cost, because the treadmill folds down flat its so easy to store between training and fitness sessions.

Digital Display

This folding treadmill has a digital display at the front of the treadmill which displays distance or time or calories or speed either holding the reading on the screen or scanning through all readings one by one, the digital display uses a red digit display (LED display), this is very easy to read at a glance as the big bright letters are much easier to see than LCD displays, if you have taken your contact lenses or glasses off for running or just have poor eyesight then this is the treadmill for you as the large numbers are so easy to see at a distance.

The time display shows you how long you have been walking or running for so its easy to set a challenge like walking or running 15 minutes a day and see the time you have been running display on the screen. The distance travelled is also motivational as you can set a goal like one mile walked a day or 300 calories burned every day, for all measurements you can run or walk or a mixture of the two, of course your current speed is also displayed on screen so you can see how fast you are walking or running and try to maintain a constant speed if you wish.

The combined digital display and control panel is so easy to use with only the buttons you need and not lots of extras that your never use and will only confuse, there’s a red power, button press this once to switch the treadmill on and press it again to switch the treadmill off, there’s a mode button which on every press cycles through the different measurements that the treadmill can display like speed, time, calories and distance, every press of the mode button moves to the next display and the setting chosen for example speed is highlighted on the control panel so you always know what mode has been selected, press the mode again after moving through the options and your enable the display all feature which scans through each setting one after the other.

Speed And Power Buttons

As well as a power button there are two speed buttons, one button with a plus sign to increase the speed and one button with a minus sign to reduce the speed, pressing the same button repeatedly will continue to increase or decrease the speed.

The final option on the digital display screen is an emergency cord, this cord attaches to the digital display console by a magnet, the cord has a clip at the other end, simply attach the clip to your clothing like your shorts or t-shirt and if you fall off the treadmill or make a sudden movement the emergency stop cord will be pulled off the display console (the cord simple reattaches with the magnet), when the cord is pulled off the display the treadmill comes to an emergency stop.

As well as attaching the emergency stop cord to your clothing with the clip provided you can also tie the cord around your wrist or hold the cord in your hand (its a long cord), with the treadmill coming to an immediate stop if you slip or fall there is no way you can injure yourself on the moving treadmill because the treadmill will come to an immediate stop, much better to fall onto a treadmill that is stationary than onto a moving treadmill.

With a 19 stone maximum user weight any users with a little fat to lose and feeing overweight will be glad to know that this all metal construction treadmill has the strength to support their weight and a powerful motor to drive the treadmill running belt round.

Mains Powered

The treadmill is powered by mains electricity which powers the motor and digital display there are no batteries to buy or fit for the digital display as the treadmill runs entirely from standard mains electricity, simply plug the treadmill into the mains socket, unfold the treadmill, press the start button and your walking or running immediately, there is zero set-up time and your be exercising immediately.

Folds So Flat

The ability of this treadmill to fold so flat has to be seen to be truly appreciated, the treadmill can be folded and will fit on the back seat of a car or in the boot (average four door car), so its ideal for taking with you for some exercise.

The treadmill comes with an Allan key for adjusting the tension of the treadmill belt, some users like a very tight belt with very little bounce which more accurately simulates road running, other users like a little bit of bounce in the treadmill belt caused by not tightening the Allan screws so tight, a little bit of bounce provides some impact resistance to the pounding of your feet on the treadmill.

This treadmill is manufactured by Confidence, the treadmill comes with the telephone number for the Confidence helpline, any problems with how to use the treadmill or how to unfold or fold the treadmill and you can simply phone the helpline for support, the treadmill is very easy to use and does come with instructions, but if you need additional support its available to you.

When the Confidence Treadmill is folded you can use the wheels at the bottom of the treadmill to wheel the treadmill around your house, there’s no need to lift the treadmill you can simply push or pull the treadmill along on its wheels, ideal for moving the treadmill between different rooms for example you might want to store the treadmill in one room of the house and use the treadmill in another room of the house.

Walking Treadmill

You might like to use this treadmill, by Confidence as a walking treadmill, set the treadmill on a slow walking speed and you can do many things whilst your walking, you can watch television or listen to the radio, the treadmill being of simpler design is not complicated to use and is very quiet in operation so its easy to hear normal room conversation or a TV above the sound of the treadmill belt turning.

Emergency Stop

The emergency stop cord uses a safety magnet to connect the cord to the treadmill, the treadmill comes with one safety magnet and one cord, your unlikely to need more emergency stop cords unless you lose yours (the emergency stop cord must be attached to the treadmill for the treadmill to start moving), you can buy more emergency stop cords from Amazon if you need them, but unless you lose your cord you won’t need another one.

The Confidence Treadmill is built to British Standard BS EN 957 Stationary Training Equipment, whilst you might think that a treadmill is not stationary because the treadmill belt moves, the standard in fact refers to the exercise equipment not moving but remaining stationary whilst you run or walk on the treadmill.

One Year Warranty

The Confidence Treadmill comes with a full one year warranty, simply phone the customer service line if you need a replacement treadmill to be sent to you by courier and your old treadmill picked up by the courier. The treadmill is delivered to you by courier free of charge and comes in a packing box so the treadmill does not get damaged during transit.

The Height Of The Treadmill Unfolded Is 48 Inches With A Width Of 24 Inches

The height of the treadmill unfolded is 48 inches with a width of 24 inches, the actual moving belt measures 38 inches in length and 14 inches in width.

Maintenance Free

Apart from washing the treadmill parts in warm soapy water if they become dirty due to sweat droplets or dust there is no maintenance required, this really is a maintenance free treadmill, there’s no need to oil any parts or anything like that.

To lock the treadmill in the folded position a locking bolt is inserted into the treadmill and this same bolt is moved into the open position, the treadmill itself is hinged and very easy to open and close the treadmill from folded to unfolded position with no physical strength required to operate the treadmill.

Exercise Programmes

The treadmill comes with different exercise programmes you can select with the mode button or simply pressing the start button will cause the treadmill belt to start moving and automatically stop after 30 minutes of use, you can use the speed increase and decrease buttons to adjust the speed at any time and use the stop button to stop the treadmill, pressing the mode button again will cycle through the exercise programmes available.

The one year warranty includes free delivery and free collection if you are unhappy with the treadmill after any length of time up to a maximum of one year.

An Ideal Treadmill For Walking Or Running

An ideal treadmill for walking or running and a true favourite of walkers, whether you want to walk for 15 minutes a day or two hours a day, walking inside your home is much better than walking out in the rain or when there are people around that might pass comment on your exercising.

Each exercise programme contained within the digital display has a number, exercise programme two is referred to as P2 on the digital display, and each exercise programme has 10 levels of difficulty, so if you see P2 10 on the screen that means your using exercise programme number two with the hardest level of difficulty (number ten).

To give an idea of the ten exercise programme levels, level 5 is considered a fast walk, with level ten being a fast run. After exercise level 5 you will need to run to keep up with the treadmill as this will be faster than walking speed.

The treadmill can only be used by plugging the treadmill into the mains electrical socket, the running belt will not move without being powered, so your always need an electrical socket nearby when you use the treadmill.

Low Cost Treadmill

A low cost treadmill ideal for both running and walking with a maximum user weight of 19 stone this treadmill is ideal for those looking to lose some weight and get fit, the treadmill folds down far flatter and takes up far less room then many other treadmills on the market and is loved by walkers as an indoor walking treadmill.