FDS Folding Treadmill Fitness Running Machine

FDS Folding Treadmill Fitness Running Machine

FDS Folding Treadmill

FDS Folding Treadmill Fitness Running Machine, a fully motorised electric treadmill with a low power consumption 800 watt motor, a folding treadmill that takes up very little room in your home, low noise treadmill perfect for when your on the phone or watching TV.

FDS Treadmill

The FDS Treadmill has a low power consumption 800 watt motor to save on your electricity bills and yet having all the power you need to run at a top speed of 8 miles per hour (12 km per hour), if you have very little space in your home then the FDS Treadmill is an ideal choice as when folded this design takes up very little room and can be stored in a wardrobe, behind the curtains, under the stairs or under the bed, it really is that small, unlike big treadmills which have a very large hand grip or hand rail system that means even when folded the treadmill takes up a huge amount of space, the FDS Folding Treadmill uses a handrail that folds neatly onto the running deck.

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The FDS Folding Treadmill has an easy to use LCD display at the front of the treadmill the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) shows speed and distance, you can either just display speed or distance or use the scan mode to scan between these two settings displaying one after the other, some people like to see one goal on the LCD screen like their speed or their distance, so they can for example see how many miles they have left to go and other people like a run-down of all the statistics one after the other.

The FDS Treadmill is available in two colour choices, the traditional black treadmill colour or the more modern and funky orange colour, with the orange treadmill the frame is white chip resistant paint on a metal frame and the running belt, hand grips and digital display are orange in colour, whilst with the black treadmill the metal frame is chip resistant black paint on a metal frame with a black treadmill belt and black hand grips and digital display.

Very Low Noise Treadmill

The treadmill and motor have been designed to be very low noise in operation, you can easily use your mobile phone whilst you walk on this treadmill and not be distracted from your mobile phone conversation by the noise of the treadmill, the treadmill is that quiet.

Thereís an emergency stop button and cord, to stop the treadmill immediately simply press the red emergency stop button on the treadmill digital display in front of you, the other way to perform an emergency stop on this treadmill is to use the emergency stop cord, this cord connects to the emergency stop button by having a magnet attached to one end of the cord, the magnet sticks to the emergency stop button, when the emergency stop cord is pulled the magnet slips off the emergency stop button and the treadmill comes to a sudden halt.

The other end of the emergency stop button has a clip for attaching to your clothes, simply attach the clip to your t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit or hold the emergency stop cord in your hand or tie the emergency stop cord around your wrist, either way when you fall or move away from the treadmill the emergency stop cord will be pulled cutting the power to the treadmill, this is an emergency stop to be used for example if you fall off the treadmill and want to bring the machine to an immediate halt, if you want to stop the treadmill more gracefully you can lower the speed of the treadmill or cancel the exercise program from the menu on the digital display.

The handrails are in front of you and by your side to support you, the handrails donít get in the way like the handrails on some other treadmills which have handrails so large that you can actually find you have very little room to manoeuvre between the handrails without hurting your sides on the handrail.

Use the handrails for support, either to pull yourself forward as you run or walk on the treadmill, a great way to exercise when you get tired and want the security of holding on tight with arms outstretched or you can hold the handrails at your side for added stability.

Handrails Support Your Weight

The handrails support your weight without preventing the treadmill from being a true folding treadmill which folds down small for storage.

Using a treadmill at home is ideal if you have limited movement and want to get fit or increase your level of mobility through exercise, unlike going to the gym, your have your own treadmill available for use in your own home, ready when you are, with the FDS Treadmill offering such great value for money the treadmill will have paid for itself after just four and half months, it will only take you four and half months of saving the monthly gym fees to have purchased this treadmill yourself, why pay money to a gym each month when you can buy your own treadmill.

Limited Mobility

If you have limited mobility then the chances are it is difficult for you to get out of the house and actually get to a gym session, let alone the lack of confidence to attend a gym if you have a weight problem or a body shape your not proud of or other mobility issue which you find embarrassing, exercise in your own home and get fit or stay fit.

There are many reasons why treadmill exercise is good for you, to name but a few cardiovascular exercise from a treadmill can give you a stronger heart and better heart condition through exercise, stronger muscles and increased joint mobility, what that means is that your joints warm up and become more flexible after continued exercise so your start to feel the benefits of exercise on your joints after just a few sessions on the treadmill.

Treadmill exercise also encourages better balance and coordination, at first running or walking on a treadmill feels strange with the treadmill conveyor belt moving forwards and you walking or running on the treadmill to maintain your position but after a while your find your confidence and abilities improve, hold the handrails to begin with for extra security the hand grips are foam covered for added comfort, absorbing sweat on the handlebars and providing a cushioned bar to hold onto.

Treadmill exercise also increases blood flow around your body with improved circulation from cardiovascular exercise and lower cholesterol levels measured in your bloodstream. Your burn calories whilst running or walking on the treadmill and your achieve your weight loss goals faster by burning more calories and increasing your metabolic rate through higher levels of exercise.

Metabolic Rate (The Rate At Which Your Body Naturally Burns Calories)

Your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body naturally burns calories) falls if you donít have exercise as part of your daily routine this means that its actually harder to lose weight because your body is trying to store those calories as fat rather than burn those calories through a higher metabolic rate.

By exercising on a treadmill you have automatically lowered your risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease (blood flow to your heart, body or brain) like heart attacks and strokes, so well worth taking up treadmill running or walking, you donít have to over exert yourself just exercise on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day with an exercise routine that leaves you a little short of breath or causes you to work up a sweat, thatís the bodies way of telling you that you have had a good workout.

Benefits Of A Treadmill

Other benefits of treadmill walking and running are a reduced risk from high blood pressure and a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes as well as bone fractures caused by osteoporosis, a thinning of the bone found in older people.

Are you always suffering from tiredness yet havenít really done much, thatís caused by leading a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and your wake yourself up and feel much better and not tired as exercising gets the bodies endorphins or happy chemicals racing around your body.

Your also find your digestion improves with regular exercise on a treadmill, a lack of exercise can cause food to build up in your gut and go undigested or take a long time to work through your system, exercising regularly helps keep you regular.

Low Intensity Exercise

Use the FDS Treadmill for walking or running with walking being a good source of low intensity exercise, what that means is that your joints and bones are not under the same pressure as when your jogging or fast running, walking causes less damage to your body than running.

If you find you are getting Ďout of puffí quickly then exercising on a treadmill will help build endurance so you donít get tired so quickly, your feel happier and also lose weight and tone your muscles.

The digital display shows your calorie consumption as you walk or run, this is a real-time display showing you the actual calories your burning as you walk or run on the treadmill, its very motivational to see the calories your burning count upwards as you exercise.

The frame of the treadmill is made from heavy duty steel, the frame is painted with a chip proof paint and so the treadmill will last for many years and still maintain its good looks and vibrant colours.

Treadmill Desk

The treadmill has a simple sloping handrail, its possible to add a shelf on top of the handrail where you can place your laptop, you can then use the treadmill as a standing desk or treadmill desk where you can walk whilst typing on your laptop computer and getting some work done, its the ideal way to combine the sedentary office lifestyle with a treadmill to get fit, stay fit and lose some weight.

As the FDS Treadmill has a manual mode where you can set the speed of the treadmill and the treadmill will continue at that speed until you stop the treadmill, you can use the treadmill as a dog treadmill to give your dog or cat exercise just like the exercise your be getting from the treadmill.

A treadmill thatís powerful enough for running and walking and yet does not use much electricity so your electricity bills will be small and can help you on the road to a healthier lifestyle and because the treadmill folds up real small when you donít want to use the treadmill you can simply fold the treadmill and put it in a corner and come back to it when the mood takes you, its so much cheaper than a gym membership and so much nicer than walking or running out in the streets where yon get cold and wet and possibly suffer verbal abuse.

The FDS Treadmill is delivered free of charge and usually within two working days of placing your order, the treadmill comes with a one year warranty, your get a free replacement treadmill or a repair depending on the manufacturers opinion, so you donít have to worry about the treadmill breaking down.

The treadmill weighs 28 kg thatís just under 4.5 stone, so easy to move around when folded and yet sturdy enough to provide the confidence you need that the treadmill is strong enough for you, an ideal treadmill for those on a tight budget or the elderly, its an electric powered treadmill meaning the conveyor belt moves around automatically rather than you having to drive the conveyor belt around with your own feet.

Thereís two cup holders in either side of the digital display and you can use these to hold water or an energy drink. The treadmill comes with set programmes for running and walking so its easy to switch between the two, the large orange coloured icons on the digital display make the display easy to read and understand for those with poor sight. The digital display has beautiful big letters making the display really easy to read.