Folding Treadmill Fitness Exercise Running Machine

Folding Treadmill Fitness Exercise Running Machine

Folding Treadmill For Fitness And Exercise

Folding Treadmill Fitness Exercise Running Machine with large 1050mm x 350 mm running surface, two drinks holders on the front console, powerful 600 watt electric motor and on board computer with backlit display featuring time, speed, distance and calories.

This folding treadmill has a maximum speed of 10 km per hour (12 miles per hour) which means if you run a 26 mile marathon on this treadmill at full speed you would complete the marathon in just over two hours, a very fast time for a marathon and just goes to show you the power of the 600 watt motor, of course just because the treadmill deck will move that fast does not mean that you have to run that fast the speed is fully adjustable from zero to 12 miles per hour.

The treadmill folds up not at an angle like many other treadmills but actually folds in half so its a very compact size when folded and the computer with digital display mounted on the front of the treadmill displays speed, distance and calories burned as you run.

Choose from a scan mode that moves through speed, distance and calories burned or keep the display on the same reading all the time, seeing all the readings in turn gives you a good overview of your performance whilst displaying just one reading is great for when your most interested in that reading for example you might want to walk for one hour each day or run one mile each day.

Two Cup Holders

Thereís two cup holders on each side of the digital display use these for storing bottled water and an energy drink whilst you run, the cup holders are within easy reach of your hands as they are mounted directly in front of you.

Running Surface Of Size 1050 MM In Length By 350 MM In Width

The treadmill has a running surface of size 1050 mm in length by 350 mm in width thatís 42 inches in length by 14 inches in width, the generous length of the treadmill means that taller walkers and runners with a larger stride length can use this treadmill as they will have longer legs and therefore a larger stride length, the front of the treadmill is open so you can kick your feet out as much as you like without banging your feet on an enclosed treadmill which a great many other treadmills seem to use these days.

The backlit LED display makes it easy to see the large digital display numbers in a variety of light conditions from bright sunlight to dull rooms without much light, if you have taken your glasses off or contact lenses out to run or just are older and have poor eyesight then a larger digital display will be of real value to you.

This folding treadmill features easy to use green for go and red for stop buttons where pressing the green go button causes the treadmill to start moving, press the speed increase and speed decrease buttons to provide a speed thatís comfortable for you to walk or run or alternatively press the programme buttons labelled one, two, three or four to select the built in exercise programmes designed by professional athletes and designed to help you achieve goals like losing weight, fast running, strengthening and toning and increased cardiovascular exercise, all these exercise programmes will automatically increase the speed of the treadmill by themselves as the exercise programme commences and you can use the manual speed buttons to speed up or slow down the exercise programmes yourself.

This folding treadmill, when moving can be stopped in two ways first there is the red stop button below the digital display that will bring the treadmill to an immediate halt and there is also the emergency stop cord that plugs into the treadmill, when this cord becomes detached from the treadmill the treadmill will stop, attach the clip on the emergency stop cord to your clothes or hold the cord and should you fall or slip the cord will be pulled away from the treadmill and the treadmill will stop immediately.

A point to note is that some people donít attach the emergency stop cord to the treadmill thinking they would prefer to use the red emergency stop button, but because the cord is detached the treadmill will not start so this cord must always be attached to the treadmill.

This folding treadmill is CE Conformance European certified meaning its approved for use in the UK and Europe, not all treadmills are so make sure you buy a CE treadmill for your own safety and to ensure the quality of the treadmill.

Maximum User Weight Of 120 Kg That's 19 Stone In Weight

The treadmill has a maximum user weight of 120 kg thatís 19 stone in weight, meaning users up to and including 19 stone can exercise on this treadmill by walking, jogging or running, if your overweight you should still be able to use this treadmill as 19 stone is on the higher end of any treadmills maximum capacity, larger users will be interested in the calorie counter to see the number of calories they are burning as they run or walk on the treadmill.

The treadmill is black in colour with a silver frame, the black and silver contrast of the frame makes this treadmill look very hi-tech as does the blue back light on the digital display. When folded the treadmill has a size of 540 mm by 600 mm by 1240 mm which is 21 inches by 24 inches by 49 inches. When the treadmill is unfolded and ready for use the open size is 1260 mm by 600 mm by 1190mm which is 50 inches by 24 inches by 47 inches.

Folds Completely Flat

The folding treadmill folds completely flat and can be easily wheeled around when folded as transport wheels touch the floor when you fold the treadmill making it easy to wheel the treadmill from one room in your home to another so you can store the treadmill in one room and use it in another room or store the treadmill in a garage or shed and wheel the treadmill into the room for exercise.

The folded treadmill can easily be stored in the same room as you exercise as when folded the treadmill deck points upwards meaning you have much more space in your room, the folded treadmill can be stored behind a door or the sofa or lent against a wall out of the way.

The treadmill is powered by mains electricity, simply plug the cable into the wall and the treadmill can be used, this treadmill uses an electric motor to move the treadmill and cannot be used without electricity.

Does Not Feature Elevation Also Known As Incline

This folding treadmill does not feature elevation also known as incline, this is when the treadmill deck is inclined upwards to create a hill, most people prefer running and walking on the flat so this should not be a problem of course if hill walking or running is important to you then this treadmill will not be suitable for you, however it is a low cost treadmill that has all the features you will need.

The slowest speed on this treadmill is 1 km per hour, the speed can then be increased in tenths of a km so 1.1 km, 1.2 km per hour, 1.3 km per hour, if you are suffering from illness or injury and using the treadmill for rehabilitation then these slower walking speeds will be of interest to you.

This treadmill has a moving treadmill belt, like a conveyor belt or a travelator, the belt is moved by the electrical motor and not by your feet as the treadmill is driven by a motor.

Delivered Within Two Working Days

This folding treadmill is normally delivered within two working days and delivery is free of charge, a courier company will deliver your new treadmill and carry the treadmill into any downstairs room of your house.

The treadmill is supplied half assembled for easy setup, the treadmill base is assembled and you just add the frame and digital display to the treadmill using the tools provided, full instructions are provided and its only a case of slotting parts together and tightening.

Non Slip Belt

The treadmill belt has a non slip texture to it, as if the belt was smooth it would be easy to slip, you can run in bare feet, socks or trainers and with the textured belt running bare foot or in socks is easy and you wonít slip.

The treadmill frame is made from metal and sturdy so you can lean against the treadmill for support as you run or walk. Use the treadmill for everything from a gentle stroll to a fast run, the speed of the treadmill is easily controlled by the speed increase and decrease buttons mounted on the digital display unit.

When folded this treadmill stands up on its end, its stable when folded as the side of the treadmill becomes a strong and stable footrest, this makes the treadmill easy to store as it doesnít take up much room.

Large Handrails

The large handrails are great to hold on to if you donít feel safe on a treadmill especially when your new to treadmill walking and running and need extra support, the handles have foam on them to make them easier to hold, place a board on top of the handlebars and you can put your laptop on top of the treadmill and use the treadmill as a walking office or walking desk getting exercise whilst you walk on the treadmill.

Ideal For The Whole Family

This treadmill is ideal for the whole family to use, you can use the treadmill as a walking treadmill, for walking only or jogging and running, the motor is very powerful and capable of moving the treadmill belt really fast of course you donít have to run fast if you donít want to and can walk slowly on the treadmill.

The treadmill is cheap to buy and ideal for those recovering from illness or injury where you have purchased the treadmill just for rehabilitation, its cheap enough that you can buy it just for special events like getting fit for a half marathon or even the school sports day.

The treadmill can be easily transported by car when its folded and will fit on the back seat of most cars, its an ideal choice when you want to take the treadmill to work or to university with you and then bring it home again afterwards.

Buying your own treadmill is much cheaper than paying for a gym membership and means you can exercise in privacy, if your overweight you might prefer to exercise in private rather than face the embarrassment of going to the gym and your save money too.

By exercising at home you wonít have to run or walk outside in the rain or cold and also you wonít have to put up with any abuse from passers by as you run past, use the treadmill each day to improve your general fitness, start with achievable goals like ten minutes use a day and gradually increase both the time you spend on the treadmill as well as the speed of the treadmill.

12 Month Warranty

This folding treadmill comes with a 12 month warranty, any breakdowns or faults and you can phone the helpline and book a free repair or replacement treadmill depending on the fault you are reporting.

A very modern treadmill that looks far more stylish and has many more features than you would think is possible for the low price, if you donít need advanced features like an incline run then donít pay extra for features you donít need, of course many people buy treadmills then never use them, planning to get fit and then giving up, if that sounds like it might be you then consider buying this treadmill as its cheaper than buying an expensive treadmill that you might never use again.

This folding treadmill has all the features you need (speed, distance, calories, folding design) and none of the features you donít (incline), other features this treadmill, has which are useful is a manual mode which allows you to just jump on the treadmill and press the green start button and then use the speed increase and decrease buttons to choose the speed you want to walk or run at.

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