Gym Master 1100W Motorised Treadmill Super Compact

Gym Master 1100W Motorised Treadmill Super Compact

Gym Master 1100W Motorised Treadmill

Gym Master 1100W Motorised Treadmill Super Compact, available in black, blue and pink colours. 8 miles per hour maximum speed, super fast treadmill, folds for easy storage with lifetime motor warranty.

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The Gym Master Treadmill Folds For Easy Storage

The Gym Master Treadmill folds for easy storage with the running deck folding upwards into a completely vertical position, many folding treadmills donít fold completely upright but instead only fold to a 45 degree angle, the Gym Master Treadmill folds straight upwards for 180 degrees, the folded treadmill then stands upright and takes up much less room as the big treadmill deck that you run on is now lifted up off the floor, giving you much more floor space in your room.

This powerful treadmill has a 1100 watt motor thatís 1.1kw of power, plenty fast enough to give the treadmill a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour, to put that in context if you use the Gym Master Treadmill to run a 26 mile marathon on the highest speed setting you will complete the marathon with a time of three and a quarter hours, of course you can run on the treadmill at any speed you like from 0.5 miles per hour to 8 miles per hour, running and walking at any speed between this maximum and minimum.

Available in Black, Blue And Pink Colours

Available as a black treadmill, blue treadmill and pink treadmill thereís no reason to go with the black treadmill if you donít want to, a pink treadmill would make a great present for a girl that just loves the colour pink or a blue treadmill will make a great present for a boy.

The digital display mounted in front of the treadmill shows time taken, distance travelled, speed, calories burned whilst exercising and your heart rate, your heart rate is calculated by measuring your pulse rate, two metal sensors one in each hand grip of the treadmill measure the pulse in your hands as you hold the treadmill hand grips, this pulse rate is used to calculate your heart rate which is then displayed on the screen.

On the handlebars your find up and down adjustment buttons for both speed and time so you can easily increase or decrease the speed of the treadmill without having to move your hands away from the hand grips, if your new to running on a treadmill you might find that you like to hold the hand grips and feel like you might lose balance if you let go, so the most important buttons speed increase and decrease and exercise time increase and decrease are on the hand grips within easy reach.

When Folded The Treadmill Has Transport Wheels Underneath

When folded the treadmill has transport wheels underneath, you can use these to wheel the treadmill around your home for easy storage, the wheels will work on concrete, wood, lino and stone so itís really easy to push the treadmill into a spare room or under the stairs or just to store the folded treadmill behind your door.

The Gym Master Treadmill has a lifetime motor warranty so if ever the motor burned out or stopped working or started making a funny noise for example you would get a free replacement motor with free repair or Gym Master will provide you with a new treadmill at their discretion, the frame and all other parts of the treadmill have a 2 year warranty, so if anything at all whether frame, motor or parts happens to the treadmill within the first two years of its life your get a free repair or free replacement treadmill.

Delivery Is Usually Within 2 Working Days

Delivery is usually within 2 working days, this super fast delivery is also free of charge.

If you choose the pink treadmill, the treadmill running deck and the hand grips are pink in colour with the frame being white in colour, if you choose the blue coloured treadmill then the treadmill running deck and hand grips are blue in colour with a white frame, if you choose the black treadmill the treadmill running deck and hand grips and frame are all black in colour.

The treadmill has a size of 149 cm length, 64 cm width and 130 cm height, thatís 59 inches length, 25 inches width and 51 inches height, the treadmill has a weight of 30 kg which is 4.72 stone, so heavy enough to be a sturdy treadmill with a strong metal frame and yet light enough to easily wheel around your home when folded.

The Gym Master Treadmill has 12 pre-set exercise programmes built into the treadmill, these have set speeds and fast and slow sections and alter the speed and the duration of any higher or lower speeds to create different runs or walks, thereís programmes designed to help you lose weight, get fit, tone muscle, increase stamina and exercise programmes just for fun, all programmes can be run at any speed you like as you can override any speed settings with the speed controls mounted on the handlebars.

Also included is a manual exercise programme, this programme is completely under your control, with an automatic exercise programme the speed you set with the manual speed increase and decrease buttons will change the speed of the treadmill but when the next section of exercise starts the machine will speed up or slow down as it continues on the exercise programmes pre-programmed route, with the manual programme the speed, distance and time you set do not change unless you change them.

The Gym Master Treadmill has three different levels of incline, incline is a hill on the treadmill deck with the treadmill deck angled upwards like a hill, the advantage of this is that you burn more calories when walking or running uphill and incline running or walking is good for your thighs and the back of your legs, toning your thighs and strengthening and toning your calf muscles as well as providing definition to your buttocks.

Three Different Incline Settings

There are three different incline settings from flat running or walking to medium incline and steep incline.

The Gym Master Treadmill has a locking mechanism so when you move the treadmill deck to its upright position the treadmill locks in position and wonít fall down into its unfolded position without the locking mechanism being opened and then the treadmill will slowly glide into its open position.

The treadmill transit wheels only come into contact with the floor when the treadmill is folded so you donít have to worry that the treadmill might move or roll when you are running or walking on the treadmill.

The maximum incline (hill) of the treadmill is 7% thatís a 7% increase in hill from the flat position, which is steep enough to give yon a good workout.

The treadmill running deck has a length of 100 cm and a width of 40 cm thatís 40 inches length and 16 inches width, so long enough for even taller users who will have a larger stride and therefore need a longer running deck due to their height and long legs. The running deck has a width of 16 inches and thatís lots of room to stand in a position thatís comfortable for you with legs side by side, too small a width and the handlebars will touch your sides and the treadmill will be difficult to use.

You can use the Gym Master Treadmill as a standing treadmill, simply set a low speed walking position the manual control programmes are suggested as the speed will remain constant rather than changing, but you can also use the automated exercise programmes, then simply walk whilst holding a tablet or iPad or netbook computer or laptop, these small lightweight laptops mean that you can easily hold the laptop with one hand whilst typing with the other or because the handlebars are very long and reach right down to your sides mount a shelf over the handlebars which can hold your laptop computer, then yon can type with both hands free whilst you walk, the perfect way to do your desk based work and get exercise at the same time and this DIY approach to a walking desk means that its so much cheaper to buy the Gym Master Treadmill and add a shelf than it is to buy a custom designed standing treadmill.

Some Basic Assembly Needed When You First Take Delivery Of The Treadmill

There is some basic assembly needed when you first take delivery of the treadmill, all that needs to be assembled are the handlebars that simply push in place onto the treadmill so its very easy to do and along with familiarising yourself with the controls from the easy to follow instructions will only take a couple of minutes.

As this treadmill is a folding treadmill with transit wheels to make the treadmill easy to move around you can if you wish keep the treadmill in the garage and then wheel the treadmill into the house when your ready to use it.

Maximum Weight Of The User

The maximum weight of the user, the bodyweight of the person who wants to use this treadmill must not exceed 120 kg thatís 19 stone in weight, so a very strong treadmill with an all metal frame that means even the heaviest of users can easily use the treadmill, the powerful 1100 watt motor comes with a lifetime guarantee, Gym Master are that confident that even the heaviest of users can run or walk on this treadmill without difficulty.

Many of the cheap treadmills that have an incline have a built in incline that you cannot change, if you donít like walking or running up hill this is pretty useless, the Gym Master Treadmill has an incline that can be switched off, so if you donít like to run or walk with an incline now you donít have to.

The treadmill display can be set to show either kilometres (km) or miles (mph), this makes it very easy to use as most people in the UK will want to select miles per hour on the display.

Fits Through A Standard Door Frame

The Gym Master treadmill will fit through a standard door frame, both when the treadmill is delivered and when the treadmill is assembled and in use the treadmill still fits easily through a standard door frame, its easy to wheel the folded treadmill around your home.

The handlebars of the treadmill can be easily removed for storage if you need to store the treadmill in a very small space, for example with the handlebars removed the treadmill will fit under your bed.

The treadmill does not make a lot of noise and your be able to use this treadmill for running and walking whilst watching TV or listening to the radio, neighbours and anyone else in the household wonít be complaining about excessive noise form the treadmill and will not create noise above the usual household activities so neighbours are unlikely to complain.

The best thing about indoor treadmills is that you donít have to go running or walking in the cold or rain or experience threatening behaviour from others outside whilst you are walking or running, exercising in your own home is safer and easier.

If your thinking about going to the gym then remember that with a gym membership of 30 pounds you would only be able to go to the gym eight times before you had bought this treadmill, which goes to show how expensive gym membership is and how cheap this treadmill is.

Wide Enough To Run On And Walk On

The Gym Master Treadmill is wide enough to run on and walk on, with big handlebars to hold on and speed control buttons on the hand grips its a very safe treadmill to use.

The treadmill has a 1100 watt motor, thatís about the same power rating as an electric kettle, so in terms of how much power you are using and whether its economical to use a treadmill, its just the same as using your kettle.

The Gym Master Treadmill comes with an emergency stop cord, this cord attaches to the treadmill by one end of the cord, the other end has a clip which you can use to attach to clothing, then if you slip off the treadmill or pull away from the display console at the front of the treadmill, the treadmill will come to an immediate stop preventing injury to yourself.