JLL D100 Treadmill Review

JLL D100 Treadmill Review

JLL D100 Treadmill

JLL D100 Treadmill Review with digital motor for a smoother run or walk, 4.5HP powerful 16 km per hour maximum speed electric motor with 5 years guarantee and CE certification, manual incline, built in speakers for USB devices and MP3 players, 10 exercise programmes and folding design.

The JLL D100 Treadmill has a digital electric motor which offers a far smoother and more precise run or walk than analogue electric motors, the DC motor (most low cost treadmills will use an AC motor which is less accurate), can be controlled digitally by a computer so the exact speed and exact positioning of the treadmill belt is possible, to a much higher degree of accuracy than a cheap treadmill using an AC motor.

The electric motor is capable of producing 4.5 HP of power, HP stands for Horse Power and is the old fashioned way we still measure power, so this treadmill has the strength of four and half horses. The treadmill motor has a top speed of 16 km per hour thatís 10 miles per hour, if you where to run a 26 mile marathon at full speed on the JLL D100 Treadmill you would complete the marathon in just under three hours a fast time you will have to agree.

Just because the treadmill is capable of running at 10 miles per hour dos not of course mean that you have to run this fast, the digital motor ensures that you can run as slow or as fast as you like, you can walk, run or jog on the JLL D100.

Lifetime Warranty

The treadmill frame has a lifetime warranty, the treadmill motor has a 5 year warranty and parts and labour has a 2 year warranty, so if anything at all goes wrong within two years your get a new treadmill or a free repair, just phone the service centre telephone number thatís listed on the JLL D100 instructions.

The JLL D100 Treadmill is CE Certified (Conformance European) that means it confirms to British and European standards of safety, make sure that the treadmill you buy is safe to be sold in the UK.

Two Speakers Mounted At The Front Of The Treadmill

This treadmill from JLL comes with two speakers mounted at the front of the treadmill on the digital display console these built in speakers allow you to plug in devices that will power USB speakers like mobile phones and MP3 players, simply plug in your phone or tablet and the music or sound will be heard from the treadmill speakers, its the perfect way to watch TV or a video on your smartphone or your tablet computer.

As well as USB input there is also a AUX (auxiliary) input which is 3.5 mm headphone socket where you can plug any device that has a headphone socket directly into the treadmill speakers, such devices that you can use include iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android and Windows phones and tablet devices.

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The JLL D100 Treadmill comes with 10 built in exercise programmes, these programmes offer you lots of choice, you can choose programmes to help you lose weight, programmes to help you shape and tone your legs, calves, thighs and buttocks, programmes for high intensity training (HIT), programmes for marathon runners, programmes for walkers and lots more besides.

The D100 is a folding treadmill with the running deck of the treadmill lifting up to the near vertical position, in this position the treadmill takes up a lot less space and means you can store the treadmill in the same room that you use your treadmill without worrying about the loss of floor space.

The minimum speed of the treadmill is 0.3 km per hour or 0.18 mph thanks to the digital motor used in the D100, that means if you want to walk at a very slow pace you can do and such slow speeds make the D100 ideal for rehabilitation for those suffering from accident or illness who need to walk a few steps a day in a safe manner whilst holding onto the treadmill handlebars.

Whilst the digital motor is rated for 4.5HP its continuous power output is 2.5HP what that means is that the treadmill can operate for times of high power for short periods of time and continuously at reduced power, continuously would be running up a hill or incline at the maximum speed of the treadmill when the user weighs the maximum that the treadmill can carry, even if you fulfil these requirements its unlikely to be continuous for the entire length of the exercise session, so this just goes to show how powerful this treadmill is yet itís constructed to still be very affordable.

Big Number Display

The treadmill running display is five inches in size making the numbers on the display nice and big and easy to read whilst you are running, if you have taken your glasses off whilst exercising or just have poor eyesight then your appreciate the large digital display which makes glancing at the display to read your current speed easy.

The digital display shows you your time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories, the heartbeat is measured by two hand pulse sensors one built into each handrail of the treadmill, as you hold the handlebars whilst you run the pulse in both your hands is measured, this pulse rate is then used to calculate your heart rate and displayed on screen.

Similarly the estimated calories your burning is calculated by the speed of the treadmill and your bodyweight which you enter using the up and down arrows on the digital display, this gives a more accurate calories burned reading than treadmills which do not ask for your weight but instead assume you are of average weight, not much use when your overweight and trying to see how many calories your actually burning.

Ten exercise programmes are built into the treadmill and three of those exercise programmes you can customise or change yourself, want the treadmill to go faster or slower at a certain point, want the treadmill to have longer or shorter rest periods, want higher intensity fast and slow sections then you can easily programme the settings you want for your specific exercise programme, this setting lets you create your own special run or walk maybe mimicking a favourite run or walk you have outside.

Shock Absorption System

There is a shock absorption system built into the treadmill deck, this cushions your feet and spine as you walk or run on the treadmill reducing the impact that is passed from your feet to your hips and spine, if you ache after running on a treadmill then chances are the treadmill did not have a shock absorption system to reduce the impact of your running, the impact force instead of passing through your body is channelled into the treadmill deck and the shock absorption springs below the treadmill.

The running area of the treadmill is 115cm x 40cm thatís 45 inches in length by 16 inches, thatís a long treadmill (which does not take up much room because the treadmill deck folds upwards), the advantage of a long treadmill deck is that you have more space on the treadmill to walk or run, if you have long legs your find this particularly important as is the fact that the treadmill has an open front meaning that if you kick your feet forward you wonít kick the treadmill as there is no enclosure at the front of the treadmill because the treadmill is open at the front, note that not all treadmills have an open front, your notice this if you ever remember accidentally kicking the front of a treadmill when you where running.

When the JLL D100 Treadmill is folded transport wheels on the bottom of the treadmill can be used to push the treadmill easily around from room to room in your home, these transport wheels only touch the floor when the treadmill is folded and one end of the treadmill is picked up like a wheelbarrow.

Heavy Users

The treadmill has a maximum user bodyweight of 120kg thatís 19 stone, thatís towards the high end of the bodyweight that treadmills will carry and reassuring to know that whatever your weight you can use the JLL treadmill to lose weight and get fit.

UK delivery is free and delivery normally takes two working days (allow longer during holidays), the courier company will deliver the treadmill to any ground floor room in your home.

The speed increase and decrease buttons are mounted on the handlebars of the treadmill as well as on the main treadmill console, so you can change the speed in two places, the advantage of treadmill handle speed controls is that you donít need to take your hands off the treadmill handlebars to change the speed.

Many users new to running or walking on a treadmill are concerned about lifting their hands off the handlebars, the support of the handlebars is important when you have mobility problems or are just new to treadmills and moving your hand to the display console to change speed could be difficult, with speed controls on the handlebars the user does not have to lift their hands form the handlebars in order to change speed.

Adjust Screen Brightness

You can change the brightness of the digital display screen so whatever room in the house, shed or garage you place the treadmill your be able to clearly read the large display.

The JLL treadmill has one level manual incline that means that you can set an incline on the running deck where the front of the treadmill is lifted up this incline is like running uphill, its manual because you set the incline yourself it is not computer controlled, a computer controlled incline would increase the price of the treadmill significantly for very little additional benefit, you can choose to run with incline (hill) or without.

Some users prefer running or walking with an incline and other users without, its personal preference although you do burn more calories running or walking on an incline than on the flat and you will strengthen and tone your thighs, buttocks, and calves more when running or walking on an incline.

The JLL treadmills digital motor as well as providing precise control of the running deck movement also uses less energy than a conventional AC motor meaning your electricity bills will be lower with the D100 than they would be with other makes of treadmill.

Heart Rate Control (HRC)

The D100 also features Heart Rate Control (HRC) running programmes, these built in exercise programmes can be controlled by your own heart rate, as you hold the handlebar sensors and the handlebars read your pulse rate and the digital display calculates your heart rate, if your heart rate rises the treadmill can automatically detect this and slow down and if your heart rate remains at rest the treadmill can detect that you need to work harder and increase the speed of the treadmill, its like having your own personal gym instructor or nurse there with you whilst you run.

You can use the D100 treadmill with or without an exercise machine mat, these rubber mats prevent your floor from being scratched and help reduce vibration, vibration and noise are low on the D100 but if you have a solid wood floor then a mat may help, for carpets, lino and wooden or laminate flooring no mat will be needed.

Whilst the JLL Treadmill may look like a commercial treadmill you might find at the gym it is in fact a domestic treadmill designed for home use and thatís why you can fold this treadmill to reduce the space the treadmill takes up when not in use.

The D100 is designed for adult use and children must be supervised at all times when using the treadmill, children under 12 years of age are not advised to use a treadmill.

When you fold the treadmill with the running deck pointing upwards the treadmill folds to a small 4 foot six inches by 2 foot size making it ideal for small flats and apartments as well as larger homes.

This is an electric treadmill with a motor, the treadmill must be plugged into the mains electricity for the treadmill to work and the treadmill belt to move.