JLL S300 Digital Treadmill Review

JLL S300 Digital Treadmill Review

JLL S300 Digital Treadmill

JLL S300 Digital Treadmill Review, this treadmill has a digitally controlled powerful 4.5HP motor for greater accuracy and strength and is capable of powering the treadmill at a maximum speed of 16km per hour (10 miles per hour) and 20 automatic incline levels for running or walking up hill, the JLL Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty and is delivered by a two man team for ease of delivery to your home.

The JLL Treadmill features CE certification (Conformance Europe) for use in the UK and Europe and comes with two high power stereo speakers mounted in the front console, connect these speakers to your iPhone or Android phone with the USB audio interface thatís built into the treadmill.

15 Exercise Programmes

The treadmill by JLL features 15 exercise programmes, these are designed by professional athletes who have created fifteen different running and walking exercise programmes designed to achieve different goals like losing weight, improving muscle tone, increasing speed or endurance.

Folding Treadmill

The JLL S300 Treadmill is a folding treadmill so its a real space saver for your home, when not in use the running deck folds upwards out of the way giving you back your floorspace because the treadmill deck locks in a vertical position upwards rather than a horizontal position lying on the floor.

The treadmill features wheels that only move when the treadmill is folded so you donít have to worry about the treadmill creeping across the floor on its own wheels whilst your exercising on the treadmill, the treadmill wheels make it very easy to glide the folded treadmill along both carpeted floors, wooden floors and vinyl floors, so its easy to push the treadmill into a quiet spot out of the way when its not being used.

Smooth Start

The JLL S300 Treadmill features a smooth start where the digitally controlled motor starts to move the running deck at 0.3 km/hour (0.18 mph), this means that the motor doesnít snatch the running belt and jolt you forward like other treadmills, the slow start quickly builds to the speed you have set manually or the speed automatically selected by the exercise programme, but the smooth start means that you wonít fall over or have to steady yourself due to a sharp starting movement, not a feature your find on many other treadmills.

Lifetime Warranty

The JLL S300 Treadmill comes with a lifetime frame warranty so if ever the frame breaks or bends (not that itís likely and therefore the reason JLL can offer a full lifetime warranty) your get a free replacement treadmill or replacement frame fitted for free. The electric motor that powers the treadmill comes with a five year warranty, its a strong 4.5HP motor (HP stands for Horse Power and in the old fashioned way engines and motors are measured for power this means that it is equivalent to the strength of four and half horses). Other parts of the treadmill have a two year warranty and in that time JLL will replace those parts free of charge or collect your old treadmill and send you a replacement treadmill (depending on what the problem is).

The treadmill speed ranges from 0.3 km per hour to 16 km per hour (kilometres) in miles per hour thatís 0.18 miles per hour to 9.94 miles per hour, as an example of how fast that is at full speed you could run a 26 mile marathon in just over two and half hours, of course the manual speed modes and automated exercise programmes allow you to have complete control of how fast you are running, with speed increase and decrease buttons right on the hand grips of the treadmill the speed and emergency stop are all within easy reach.

20 Incline Levels

The S300 Treadmill also includes 20 incline levels, these are controlled by the digital buttons on the front console, an incline allows you to walk or run uphill, the advantage of running uphill is that your burn more calories and lose weight, increase stamina and increase muscle definition of your thighs and the backs of your legs, its also lots of fun to select an automated exercise programme and have the programme automatically change the incline that your running or walking on, if you find running on a treadmill boring then use the exercise programmes with automatic incline as it really feels like your running or walking outside with hills and valleys to run along.

Five Inch Digital Display Screen

JLL have chosen to include a five inch digital display screen this makes it really easy to select from a range of exercise programmes and get feedback on your exercise, you can see your running time, running speed, distance travelled or distance remaining, current heart rate measured in real time from pulse rate sensors and the calories you are burning as you run, all this data is in real time, run faster and the display changes instantly, if you want to run a certain distance each day or burn a specific number of calories each day then you can easily track your progress on screen.

The S300 has 15 exercise programmes built in, whilst 12 of those exercise programmes come pre-installed for specific tasks like burning calories, running uphill, endurance, weightless and more 3 of those exercise programmes are user programmable, what this means is that the treadmill has a memory and you can use the manual controls to increase or decrease speed and incline as you like and as you run the treadmill will remember these settings and save them as a custom exercise programme for you so you can run the exact same route or exercise pattern each time.

Rehabilitation And Recovering From Accident Or Injury

If you are in rehabilitation and recovering from accident or injury the ability to use the customised exercise programmes to create a bespoke exercise programme just for you is of great benefit in your recovery.

The S300 Treadmill by JLL reviewed here is a Folding Treadmill, X-Lite II Treadmill or Reebok ZR8 Treadmill, also the S300 features a shock absorption system which reduces the impact to your feet, legs, knees, back and spine as you run, the impact reduction system works by using 16 individual shock absorbers underneath the running deck, these shock absorbers are like high tech springs and is called a point cushion system.

Connect Mp3 Players, Usb Players, Iphones, Ipads And Android Devices

You can connect both MP3 players and USB players to the S300 so iPhones, iPads and Android devices plus a range of stand alone MP3 players can all either pair with the speakers over USB or use the headphone socket to connect to your device, this gives you the most options of exactly what device you might like to connect to your treadmill to listen to music, watch TV or watch movies.

Running Area

The actual running area of the treadmill measures 123 cm in length by 41 cm in width thatís 49 inches in length and 16 inches in width, the length is nearly one and a quarter meters which gives you plenty of room to walk or run on the treadmill no matter how long your stride (taller people will have a larger stride length as their legs are longer), so the running deck is ideal for both tall and short people and with a treadmill running deck width of just under half a metre thereís plenty of room to move around from side to side, something thatís important if you have big feet that you have trouble placing on a treadmill running deck.

Maximum User Weight Of 120Kg (19 Stone) In Weight

The S300 from JLL has a maximum user weight of 120kg that's nearly 19 stone in weight, most treadmills donít support the heavier runner so this treadmill is ideal if your carrying a few extra pounds and want to lose weight, its important to buy a treadmill thatís capable of supporting your weight because if you donít your over stress the motor and at best the treadmill deck wonít move as fast as it should and at worst the motor will fail due to excessive load.

As you run and put all your weight on one foot you are focussing your weight onto one point of the treadmill surface, this can cause less capable treadmills to stall or slow as you impact the treadmill with your foot so its important to choose a treadmill that is rated for your weight, if you are lighter than the maximum rated weight then you can be sure that the treadmill will last for many years as you wonít be stressing the electric motor.

For safety its important to note that treadmills obviously have a moving running deck and therefore should be used by children only when accompanied by an adult, generally children aged under 12 years of age will need accompanying by an adult which means that adult supervision is required and an adult should be watching younger children use the treadmill, children over 12 years of age should be able to use the treadmill by themselves without supervision.

Overweight Children

If your child is overweight then this is a good treadmill to buy, with a maximum user weight limit of nearly 19 stone and iPhone and USB connections your children will be able to connect all their gadgets to the treadmill and watch movies or listen to music and keep themselves entertained as they use the treadmill after all if you can prevent your child from becoming bored on the treadmill then they will continue to use the treadmill to lose weight, the speed and incline (effort levels) of the treadmill are all fully adjustable and you can see progress made on the digital display screen.

The treadmill running deck moves slowly when starting or changing speed without sudden lurches in speed that might cause you to fall off, this is because the digitally controlled motor moves the treadmill running deck in increments of 0.1km per hour thatís 100 metres so its always a smooth change of speed and not a sudden jerk that causes you to lose your balance and fall off the treadmill when either an automated exercise programme or your manual use of the speed control buttons increases or decreases the treadmill speed.

Digitally Controlled

The JLL S300 Treadmill is digitally controlled by a computer, the electric motor is digitally controlled, the buttons and sensors are also digitally controlled, the buttons are all touch sensitive and not old fashioned knobs to turn and buttons to press, older design treadmills with knobs and switches for the buttons allow dust and moisture from sweat to get into the buttons and control panel this causes the treadmill to fail over time, with touch controls and digital systems the S300 does not suffer with these same design faults as other treadmills.

A two man delivery team deliver the treadmill to your home and will place the treadmill in any ground floor room of your choice so you donít have to worry about how you will get the heavy treadmill through your front door and into the room where you plan to use the treadmill.

30 Minute Assembly

The S300 Treadmill requires some assembly but the treadmill comes with full English Language assembly instructions (not photocopies of instructions written in Chinese as you might get with other makes of treadmill), you donít need any specialised tools to assemble the treadmill and the simple tools you do need are all included in the box with the treadmill. The assembly required is very minimal, you just have to slot a few sections together and your finished within 30 minutes at the most.

The 20 levels of incline which allow you to run or walk uphill increment a degree at a time so for each increment increase you select you are increasing the incline by one degree with a maximum of 20 degrees total incline, thatís quite steep and if you enjoy running and walking uphill your appreciate this feature for those that prefer flat running then thatís available too.

Commercial Quality, Home Prices

Many home treadmills just donít have a motor powerful enough to sustain constant use if you like to run fast and are of heavier build then the S300 powerful motor and shock absorption system are ideal, other makes of treadmill are not designed to use for greater than thirty minutes a day, so if you plan on longer runs or walks the S300 is recommended.

Whilst the treadmill is sold for the home rather than for commercial use itís power and solid construction put the S300 in the same league as many of the commercial treadmills you will find in the gym, commercial quality at a home price.