JLL S400 Premium Motorised Folding Treadmill

JLL S400 Premium Motorised Folding Treadmill

JLL S400 Premium Motorised Folding Treadmill Review

The JLL S400 Premium Motorised Folding Treadmill with digital motor, 20 levels of auto hill climb, 16 point shock absorption system, 15 running exercise programmes, 5 year motor warranty, 2 years parts and labour and free delivery.

Jll S400 Is A Premium Quality Treadmill

The JLL S400 is a premium quality treadmill, itís the higher specification version of the JLL S300 Digital Treadmill, other Folding Treadmills you might like are X-Lite Sprint Treadmill Review, Small Size and Lightweight, X-Lite II Treadmill, JLL S300 Digital Treadmill Review, Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill Review, Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill Review, Simple Treadmill, Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Review and the Reebok ZR8 Treadmill.

The JLL S400 Treadmill has a powered folding mechanism that lifts the treadmill running deck up off the floor and parks the deck in a vertical position, this takes up much less room than having the treadmill running deck on the floor and is an ideal way to save space when your not using the treadmill, many other treadmills donít have a powered folding mechanism you would have to lift the treadmill deck up with your hands and part the treadmill deck in a vertical position yourself.

Powerful Treadmill Motor

The digital motor used in the JLL Treadmill is a 4.5 HP unit, this means that rather than having a round knob that controls the speed of the treadmill you have a digital display where you alter the speed of the treadmill in 0.3 km steps thatís 300 metre increments, so every increase on the digital display increases the speed of the treadmill belt by 300 metres per hour so thereís plenty of refinement with the controls rather than other treadmills which use analogue controls for their motors and its impossible to get exactly the same speed each time you use the treadmill.

The 4.5 HP rating of the electric motor refers to the power of the motor, power is still measured in the old fashioned way of comparing the strength of something with the strength of one horse, so 4.5 HP or Horse Power means that the motor has the strength of four and half horses, that really is how motor and engine power is measured.

Fast And Slow Speeds

The treadmill has a maximum speed of 16 km per hour, thatís 9.94 miles per hour, to put that in perspective to run a 26 mile marathon on the treadmill at full power would take just over two and half hours, so if you want to run incredibly fast on this treadmill you can, but equally users who prefer to exercise by walking can also make use of the slower speeds offered by the digital motor technology.

There are 20 levels of automatic incline, many treadmills have no incline at all or even worse have a fixed incline that you must always walk or run at, other treadmills allow you to adjust the incline manually by actually having to get a spanner out and undoing a nut or bolt on the treadmill frame, with this premium quality treadmill the incline is fully automatic, you set how much incline you would like on the treadmill running deck from the controls on the digital console.

Run Up Hills With Incline Treadmills

Using an incline simulates running or walking up hill, the built in exercise programmes can automatically adjust the incline to simulate you running up and down hills, this provides for a higher level of cardiovascular activity and also makes treadmill running or walking far more interesting as your not always running on the flat but can run up and down hills, all controlled by the treadmill to give the feeling that your actually running up and down hills like you would if you where running outside.

Protect Your Knees With Shock Absorbing Treadmills

JLS have included a 16 point shock absorption running deck, what that means is that there are 16 shock absorbers built into the surface of the running deck, each one acting like an independent spring to cushion your use of the treadmill, as you run or walk you push down with the ball of your feet and send shock waves through your legs, knees and spine, this is not good for your joints and can lead to impact injury or worsen arthritis or other joint condition that you may have, a shock absorbing system absorbs the impact so its not transferred to your joints and body.

Built into the treadmill are 15 professionally designed exercise programmes, these offer different types of exercise from walking to running on a flat or on incline to high impact aerobic running to high intensity running, running or walking programmes to burn fat, tone your legs, thighs and calves or just to keep fit and lose some weight, the exercise programmes provide variety so you wonít get bored, you can also manually control the treadmill setting the speed and incline yourself manually if you prefer.

The item most likely to wear out on a treadmill is the electric motor because this part is in constant use driving the treadmill deck forwards, JLL offer a 5 year warranty on the motor and 2 years parts and labour warranty on the rest of the treadmill, so any problems and your get a free repair or free replacement of the treadmill, delivery is free too and your treadmill will be delivered in two to three working days.

Long Running Decks Are Ideal For Tall People

The running deck has a length of 135 cm and a width of 45 cm thatís 53 inches in length and 18 inches in width, a long treadmill length like this is ideal for taller runners or walkers whose larger stride length will mean they need a larger treadmill length, the width of 18 inches ensures that there is plenty of room to the side of you and you wonít feel like your about to fall off the treadmill, because it feels like the treadmill width is too small.

The large 5.5 inch digital display directly in front of you as you walk or run on the treadmill measures time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories, you can either view all these readings one by one with the screen changing every few seconds with the next reading, this is called scan mode or you can set the display to remain still just showing one reading thatís most relevant to you, so if you want to run for 45 minutes you can watch the screen count up the time you have been running so you know when its time to finish exercising.

Heart Rate Measurement And Pulse Rate

Heart rate is calculated using pulse sensors built into the handlebars of the treadmill, each handlebar has one metal sensor which when you hold your hand over the metal sensor will measure your pulse rate and display it on screen, from your pulse rate your heart rate can be calculated and this is also displayed on screen, if when your running or walking your heart rate rises beyond safe limits or falls below safe limits then a warning will be displayed on the screen (high heart rate or low heart rate), very useful if you have to take care of your heart rate or blood pressure but still want to maintain some light exercise.

Measure How Fat You Are

The pulse rate sensors also contain a BMI Body Mass Index calculator, this electronically measures the amount of fat on your body simply by holding both sensors one in each hand, you enter your weight into the digital console and the treadmill can now accurately show you the calories your burning in real time as you run or walk on the treadmill, if your trying to lose weight its very motivational to actually see the calories you are burning displayed on screen, you can set the digital display to keep the treadmill running until a calorie goal has been reached for example 100 calories burned.

Folding Treadmills For Easy Storage At Home

This is a folding treadmill with transport wheels that touch the floor when the treadmill is folded, donít worry the transport wheels donít touch the floor when the treadmill is in operation so you donít have to worry about the treadmill rolling away when your running or walking on the treadmill, when the auto folding treadmill is folded by pressing a button on the treadmill console the treadmill will automatically fold or unfold and you can wheel the treadmill around on the transport wheels between different rooms of your home, you donít have to lift the treadmill, to move it, simply roll the treadmill on the wheels provided.

USB And BlueTooth Connections For Apple And Android

There are two high powered speakers built into the front of the treadmill, these speakers can be connected to a iPad, iPod, iPhone, Tablet or SmartPhone by USB cable or by Bluetooth pairing, so whether you have an Android device or an Apple device your be able to connect your music to the treadmill and have your favourite songs, podcasts or videos play out of the built in speakers, many people donít like to use headphones when running or walking on a treadmill because headphones become sweaty or fall out whilst your jogging, with speakers you donít need to wear headphones and wonít have to feel connected to the treadmill with dangerous wires trailing which you could trip over.

The treadmill is made for users up to 120kg thatís 19 stone in weight, this powerful treadmill can drive the belt around at full speed with a 19 stone person running on the treadmill, the shock absorbing system will prevent any impact injury even to the heaviest of users, if your buying the treadmill to lose weight with then obviously your initial weight will be your most heaviest and you hope to slim down over the coming months, its important to buy a treadmill that supports your maximum user weight otherwise the electric motor will not be powerful enough to move the treadmill deck round.

The treadmill has a weight of 70 kg which is 11 stone, so a big and sturdy high quality treadmill that is designed to last for many years and cope with a heavier weight user.

Whilst the treadmill is highly specified and contains many features like the shock absorption system and automatic incline that you only find on commercial treadmills at the gym the JLL S400 is in fact a domestic treadmill for the home market, children under 12 years of age should only use this treadmill (because it is powerful) under the supervision of an adult.

Smooth Running Treadmill Without Jerking

The smooth running digital electric motor does not shudder or jerk as you run, cheaper treadmills often have motors that are very rough and move in jerky movements the digital controller on the JLL S400 ensures that your running or walking is smooth no matter how hard you are pounding the treadmill.

Save Your Own Exercise Programmes

Of the 15 exercise programmes built into the treadmill memory the first 3 programmes are user programmable, you can make your own favourite routes for running or walking, simply select exercise programmes one, two or three and you can save the speed and incline changes you make over the course of your run or walk, once saved these routes can be played back again, so you can make your own custom runs and walks with just the right level of hills and flats for your own personal treadmill exercise.

The S400 by JLL has built in heart rate programmes that is controlled by your heart rate, you can set your maximum heart rate and the exercise programme will speed up or slow down to maintain the heart rate that you have specified, an ideal way to get exercise but have the machine look after you just like your own fitness instructor or nurse was there watching that your hear rate did not exceed a set amount.

The treadmill incline is fully automatic lowering and highering the treadmill deck smoothly without judder like some cheaper treadmills, running or walking on an incline is great for toning and building calf muscles.

Programming in your own run to make your own High Intensity Training (HIT) programme is easy set things like 30 seconds fast, 1 minute slow, 30 seconds fast and then 1 minute slow, there are 10 sections of 200 meters in each custom exercise programme and you can programme these 10 sections any way you like, the sections will then repeat until the time you set has completed.

The treadmill does make some noise in operation and is not completely silent, its a professional treadmill with lots of premium features, that being said your still be able to use the powered speakers to listen to music or watch TV without the background noise of the treadmill disturbing you.