JTX Slim Line Folding Treadmill

JTX Slim Line Folding Treadmill

JTX Slim Line Treadmill

JTX Slim Line Folding Treadmill a compact size motorised treadmill with digital controls for setting treadmill deck incline, top speed of 8.7 miles per hour (14 km per hour) and is delivered free of charge 100% fully assembled.

The JTX Treadmill Folds Completely Flat

The JTX Treadmill folds completely flat, some treadmills only fold to a 45 degree angle or fold flat but with handlebars sticking out, but the JTX Slim Line as its name suggests folds completely flat, store the treadmill behind a door, behind the curtains, under your bed or under the stairs, folding completely flat means that this slim line treadmill can be stored in far more places than other folding treadmills.

The JTX Slim Line Treadmill features digital incline, what that means is that the treadmill deck can be adjusted automatically to rise up or down, to create a hill (an incline), the advantage of incline running or walking is that you burn more calories, up to 100 more calories than the same effort on a flat treadmill, your strengthen and tone your thighs, tone your buttocks and your calves.

Digital Incline

Digital incline is normally only used on very high end treadmills, digital incline means that the hill or incline on the treadmill running deck can be adjusted automatically from controls on the running machine console, rather than a manual control which normally requires the treadmill to be stationary at the time and often involves tools to change the incline, with digital incline not only is the incline adjusted automatically by increase and decrease buttons on the treadmill but the actual amount of incline is digitally controlled and very accurate, with manual incline its often difficult or impossible to exactly select the same level of incline between runs or walks, digital incline gives you much greater accuracy of the incline positions of the treadmill.

A fantastic advantage of the JTX Slim Line Treadmill is that it is delivered fully assembled, no messing around with screwdrivers or spanners and Allan keys, often treadmill manufacturers claim that little assembly is required but we are not all blessed with great DIY skills so a treadmill that is 100% assembled and requires no assembly whatsoever other than plugging into the mains and pressing start is a great bonus. The treadmill comes with free delivery and usually arrives within two working days.

The JTX Slim Line Treadmill has a 1.5 HP electrical motor that can power the treadmill belt round at a top speed of 14 km per hour thatís 8.7 miles per hour, if you run a 26 mile marathon on this treadmill, running at maximum speed you would complete the marathon in just under 3 hours, thatís incredibly fast for a marathon and just goes to show you the power of this treadmill, of course you donít have to run or walk a marathon and you donít have to run at the treadmills maximum speed unless you want to, the treadmill speed is fully adjustable from increase and decrease speed buttons on the centre console.

The digital incline has 15 levels of power incline, you can move the treadmill deck upwards or downwards in 15 steps, thatís a lot of control over the incline (hill) and lets you slowly build up your leg muscles to running up hills, including hill running or hill walking as part of your exercise routine increases interest, it can be boring just running on the flat so using one of the built in exercise programmes which can higher or lower the incline of the running deck as you run makes running and walking more interesting, more like a real run or walk outside where you will have flat sections to run and hilly sections to run.

The running belt has dimensions of 41 cm width by 125 cm length, thatís 18 inches width by 50 inches length, the wide running belt means that you have plenty of room to stand on the treadmill, many treadmill decks have handrails that are too close to the treadmill deck reducing the width of the deck, this causes the handrails to be too near your hips and can lead to you banging yourself against the handrails, with the JTX Treadmill the wider belt means thereís room to run, the belt is also longer than other manufacturers this is ideal for taller people as the taller you are the longer your legs and long legs means a larger stride length which needs a long treadmill length just like the JTX.

8 Point Suspension System

The JTX Slim Line Treadmill also features an 8 point suspension system, what this means is that underneath the running belt there are 8 springs or shock absorber units, with 8 separate shock absorber units you get a much more refined run or walk as your body is not subject to the impact of every step you take, your knees, hips, spine and feet are at most risk from impact damage due to running and the JTX Treadmill helps reduce the impact caused by running by the use of the 8 point suspension system.

The large digital display has a unique feature in that the display uses vertical moving bars to indicate your speed and the road ahead, watching the display actually feels like you are moving as the bars speed and height changes to show you both the road ahead, speed your travelling, incline and distance, its a very clever way to get all the statistics about your running or walking displayed in graphical form.

The digital display shows the time you have been running or walking, the distance you have travelled, your current speed, incline of the running track and the calories you have burned whilst exercising.

6 Built-In Exercise Programmes

There are 6 built-in exercise programmes, these are designed with specific goals in mind like losing weight, increasing stamina, increasing fitness, just for fun, walking and jogging, with the automatic exercise programmes the treadmill controls both the speed of walking or running and the incline of the treadmill these all change automatically to create the impression that your actually running or walking along a road, you can manually change the speed or incline of any of the automatic programmes by using the speed and incline adjust buttons on the digital display, however as it is an automatic programme that is running the speed and incline will carry on with their automated settings after the next segment of the exercise programme.

Adjusting speed and incline manually whilst using an automated exercise programme is ideal when you just want the machine to walk or run a little slower for that section or a little less or more incline, but when you want to change all of the exercise programme you can use the manual exercise programme which is also built into the treadmill, here you can select the speed and incline of the treadmill and these settings will not change until you change them yourself, so if you like to run or walk a specific distance with constant speed and constant incline or indeed no incline then the manual exercise programme is for you.

Pulse Sensors

The handlebars of the treadmill contain pulse sensors, these stainless steel plates are fitted into each handlebar one on the left and one on the right hand side, when you hold the handlebars with your hands your palms are touching the metal sensors, these sensors record your pulse rate and your heart rate which can be calculated from your pulse rate are then displayed on the screen.

The JTX Slim Line Treadmill has built in stereo speakers at the front of the treadmill, not everyone likes to use headphones whilst running or walking on a treadmill because headphones get sweaty with exercise and fall out whilst you jog, you can simply plug your mobile phone or tablet into the speakers as they come with a 2.5mm jack plug cable just like headphones, so if you can plug headphones into your phone or tablet then your be able to plug these built in treadmill speakers.

Included with the JTX Slim Line Treadmill is a floor protection mat, you can put the mat on the floor which might be carpet, concrete, tiles, wood, laminate or vinyl and the treadmill wonít scratch your floor and wonít make any noise as the floor protection mat dampens out any vibration noises.

Maximum Weight

The maximum weight of the person using the JTX Slim Line Treadmill must not exceed 110 kg or 18 stone, if you weigh 18 stone or under then this treadmill is for you, an ideal choice if your overweight and looking to lose some weight, as the treadmill suggest your soon be looking slim line after using the JTX Treadmill.

Built In Calorie Counter

The built in calorie counter makes it easy to keep motivation as you can simply watch the calories burned count up as you run, set yourself a goal of burning a specific number of calories every day, remember that on average a man will consume 2,000 calories a day and a women 1,700 calories a day, if you consume more calories than that without exercise to burn the additional calories then you will get fat, use the JTX Slim Line Treadmill to maintain your size and weight by burning the additional calories so you donít get fat.

When the treadmill is folded it folds completely flat (slim line) and has transport wheels that only touch the floor when the treadmill is folded so you donít have to worry about the treadmill rolling away whilst your using it, these transport wheels operate in both directions, forwards and backwards so its easy to wheel the treadmill into any spare corner of your home or store the treadmill in a garage or shed and wheel the treadmill into your house for use.

The Warranty Includes All Parts And Labour And Call Out Fees

The JTX Slim Line Treadmill comes with a one year warranty, this warranty includes all parts and labour and call out fees, there is nothing to pay, a service engineer will visit your home and repair or replace your treadmill for a period of up to one year after you have purchased your treadmill, thatís complete peace of mind that in the event of a breakdown or problem your treadmill will be repaired and serviced and with free delivery and zero assembly required this is a good deal.

The JTX Slim Line Treadmill comes with a 28 day (one month) guarantee, if your not at all satisfied with the treadmill in the first month of use you can return the treadmill for a full refund, an easy return policy and a one year guarantee and no assembly required makes the JTX Slim Line Treadmill a great value for money deal.

Free Delivery And The Delivery Men Will Bring The Treadmill Into Your Home

The treadmill comes with free delivery and the delivery men will bring the treadmill into your home and put it in a room of your choice including upstairs if thatís where you want your treadmill, so donít worry about how you will get the treadmill into the room of your choice or if you are not strong enough to lift the treadmill upstairs the delivery men (two man team) will do that for you.

You can use the JTX Treadmill upstairs as the machine is quiet in operation and also comes with a floor protection mat which dampens down any vibration and noise, but the machine is not excessively noisy and you wonít get complaints from other users of the household or neighbours, you can listen to the TV without having to turn the volume louder as the treadmill is not excessively noisy.

If after using the treadmill you think it has developed a squeak or makes a noise or you feel something has come lose, donít try and fix it yourself and certainly donít try and buy any spare parts for the treadmill as the treadmill comes with a full repair and service in your own home warranty for one year, so give the company a call on the service number provided and get any repairs or servicing done for free.

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