Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Review The Running Machine That Folds Away

Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Running Machine Folds Away

Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Review

Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Running Machine Folds Away for easy storage, the maximum run speed of 10km is ideal for faster runners with an adjustable 1km to 10km running speed selectable.

Available In Several Different Colours

The folding treadmill is available in several different colours including black and grey, blue and white and red and white, the running belt and handlebars are either black, blue or red depending on your colour choice with the frame of the treadmill in either grey or white depending on the colour you have chosen.

Folding Treadmill

The running deck of the folding treadmill is hinged where the deck joins the upright section, you can lift up the back of the treadmill and the running deck will stand upwards level with the handlebars and lock into place, you can then tilt the folded treadmill to bring the treadmill wheels level with the floor and wheel the treadmill around the floor to store in a convenient location such as under the stairs, in a cupboard, behind a door or behind the sofa.

The wheels of the treadmill only touch the floor when the treadmill is folded and titled so you donít have to worry about the treadmill moving on its wheels when in use, the wheels make the treadmill easy to wheel from one room into another, so you can store the treadmill in one room or a garage or shed and wheel the treadmill into the hall or a bedroom for use.

The folding treadmill comes with a one year warranty, which is more than enough time to test out the treadmill, generally treadmills will either fail straight away or wear straight away or not at all, this is a best-selling treadmill that has given many exercise fans thousands of hours of service.

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed of the treadmill is 10km per hour, thatís 6.21 miles per hour which is fast when you think about it, being able to run at over six miles per hour constantly, for those less energetic the lower speed of the treadmill is 1km per hour which is 0.62 miles per hour, so just over half a mile per hour on the slowest speed setting, the speed of the treadmill is fully adjustable between 1km and 10km per hour so if you want to run at 1 mile per hour (1.6km per hour) you can.

Digital Display

The digital display thatís built into the front of the treadmill has a nice blue colour making it very easy to see without glare, an important point to note is the big display which is easy to read if you have removed your glasses or contact lenses for exercise. The display features speed, calories used, time and distance.

The digital display will both count up and count down the time and distance so if you prefer to run or walk for ten minutes and see that you have one minute remaining or that you have run for nine minutes you can see both options, some people like to count up and other people like to count down.

Emergency Stop

An emergency stop cord (sometimes called a kill switch) is fitted to the treadmill, this is a cord that plugs into the emergency stop, you can hold the cord in your hand, tie the cord around your wrist or attach the cord with the clip provided to your clothing and should you fall off the treadmill or move off the treadmill then the treadmill will come to an immediate stop, so you wonít fall on the moving treadmill track and hurt yourself, this is the same functionality as you would find on a racing boat or jet-ski where when the cord is pulled the engine will stop (on boats this emergency stop is called a kill switch).

Adjustable legs

The four individual legs under the treadmill are adjustable to you can move the screw in and screw out to move the legs up and down to take account of floors that are not level, an unlevel floor will cause the treadmill to rock and make vibration or banging noises as you use the treadmill, simply adjust the feet to match the level of your uneven floor, you can also use a treadmill mat underneath the treadmill to stop vibration and noise but with adjustable feet these are rarely needed.

If you are bored with the gym or donít like to have to travel to a gym or pay gym prices then why not consider this value for money treadmill, for less than the cost of a years membership at a gym you can have your own treadmill that you can use as much as you like without having to go outdoors. Running or walking in the street is nice on a summers day but when its cold or wet its not so nice and running on a treadmill at home is far safer, many times running or walking on the streets you might hear people shout comments as you pass, its much nicer to run indoors at home.

This is a well constructed treadmill with a powder coated metal frame, the treadmill has a maximum user weight of 100kg thatís 15.74 stone, nearly 16 stone, so its quite a powerful treadmill, if your a larger person donít choose a treadmill thatís below your weight as your find the electric motor is liable to burn out, as you run and place your foot on the treadmill your temporarily stress the motor, the motor must be rated for your weight to prevent damage (damage due to selecting the wrong treadmill for your weight is not usually covered by warranty).

For lighter weight runners there is nothing wrong in having a treadmill that can cope with significantly more weight than you weight, your find your run or walk to be smooth with no jerks or lags in the speed of the treadmill.

Treadmill Running Area

The treadmill running area is 101 cm by 34 cm (40 inches by 14 inches), with 14 inches width thatís nearly one and half foot which makes for a nice wide running area so you have room to move side to side as you run and donít have to be so careful where you put your feet and with a running track length of 40 inches thatís over a metre in length so plenty of room for even the largest of strides as you walk or run.

The folding treadmill has a folded size of 59 cm height and 127 cm width which is 23 inches by 50 inches, so the folded treadmill will easily fit under a bed or in a wardrobe out of the way, some treadmill users even choose to put large hanging hooks (available from DIY stores) onto the wall and then hang the treadmill on the wall, this is ideal for garages and sheds but also for homes where a treadmill on a large wall can make an interesting talking point as well as being a really effective way to store the treadmill out of the way.

Quiet Treadmill

The treadmill runs very quietly so you can easily watch TV as your using the treadmill, use a vibration mat to reduce the sound of the treadmill even further, a vibration mat is not really needed for use by most people but if you live in a flat or other shared accommodation with zero tolerance for noise then it might be advisable, although the treadmill is quite enough to run or walk on the treadmill at night whilst the rest of the family are asleep without waking them, perfect for people who canít sleep.

This folding treadmill has a safety bolt which must be locked into place when the treadmill is open and ready for use and unlocked when you want to fold the treadmill, the safety bolt ensures that the treadmill wonít start up when it is folded, in fact the treadmill cannot be started if the safety bolt is not in place.

The safety cut-off cord (kill switch) must also be attached to the treadmill or the treadmill will not start, simply touch the safety cord into the magnetic clip to hold the cord in place whilst you run or walk on the treadmill, without the safety cord attached to the treadmill the treadmill thinks you have fallen off and will not start.

Speed, Distance, Time And Calories Counted

The digital display shows both miles and kilometres so whether your used to British measurements or European measurements your be right at home with this treadmill, as well as built in exercise programmes to help you achieve your goals like light walking, cardiovascular workout, running fast, etc. you can also use the treadmill in a manual mode, here you simply press the start button and press the plus key to make the treadmill move and the minus key to make the treadmill slow down and the red stop button to stop the treadmill, the more times you press the plus key the faster the treadmill will get and the more times you press the minus key the slower the treadmill will get, its very similar in use to the volume control on a television remote control.

This folding treadmill as well as being great value for money is ideal for both young and old users alike, its very simple to use which gives older people confidence to use the treadmill, start off slow and gradually increase your speed over the coming weeks, you can set the treadmill to run for a certain number of minutes, distance or calories burned so you can complete an exercise routine each day to slowly get fitter over time.

You can choose to view speed, distance, time and calories counted either on the screen at the same time or sequential display one after the other and then repeating, when your trying to complete a goal like distance travelled or calories used itís nice to be able to see all the changing displays to give you enthusiasm to keep working out.

Run On The Flat Or With A Slight Incline

The treadmill is designed for running on the flat, there is an incline option where the feet at the back of the treadmill can be extended to make the back of the treadmill running deck higher than the front as if your running up hill, users can set this incline if you like to walk or run up hills or leave the treadmill as a flat running machine.

Powered By An Electrical Motor

This folding treadmill is powered by an electrical motor and comes with a built in digital display, so your need to plug the treadmill into the mains electricity supply (plug the treadmill into the wall) before you can use it, the treadmill cannot be used without plugging into the mains.

The treadmill has a weight of 26kg thatís just over four stone so its easier enough to move around your home and even easier if you wheel the folded treadmill around on its wheels rather than lifting it up. The treadmill needs minimal self assembly when it arrives which is basically attaching the handlebars and securing the treadmill running deck in place, no special tools are needed as the only tool you need is supplied in the box.

Ideal For Rehabilitation

This treadmill is ideal for rehabilitation and use as a walking treadmill, you can set the speed to as slow or as fast as you like and use the emergency stop cord to have complete control of stopping the machine, plus the large handlebars to the side of the treadmill mean your feel safe and secure as you walk or run as the large handlebars are easy to hold onto.

If your shy of exercising around other people then your find this treadmill is great for use in your own home, if the thought of exercising in a gym is intimidating for you then exercise at home with this great value treadmill. If your just starting to exercise and looking to take part in a fitness program like couch to 4k, then your own treadmill at home is the perfect way to get fit even if you have not exercised for years.

With super fast delivery and a range of stylish and modern colours to choose from this treadmill is an ideal choice for the home user, the folding running bed means the treadmill wonít take up much room in your home when not in use.