Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Fitness Folding Exercise Machine

Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Fitness Folding Exercise Machine

Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine

Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Fitness Folding Exercise Machine with LCD display screen showing time, speed, distance and calories burned with easy speed adjust from 1 to 10 km per hour on the main console, strong metal frame handrail and adjustable running belt, foldable treadmill easy to store.

With a speed of between 1 km and 10 km per hour (0.62 miles per hour to 6.21 miles per hour) this treadmill used at full speed would run a 26 mile marathon in just over 4 hours, so fast enough for even the fastest of runners, of course you donít have to run as fast as you can on the treadmill and can instead walk or jog.

The folding treadmill has an electrical motor which powers the treadmill belt, this is rated at 500 watts (0.5 KW), thatís less power consumption than most electric kettles (an electric kettle has a power consumption of typically 800 watts to 2,000 watts), so if your concerned about your treadmill using lots of electricity and increasing your electricity bill then donít be, even if you are on a top up electricity meter your use less power running on the treadmill than when making the tea.

Three Built In Exercise Programmes

The treadmill has three built in exercise programmes, these adjust the speed of the treadmill automatically, you can set the maximum speed that the treadmill will use on the automatic programmes so that the treadmill doesnít move faster than your capable of, the three exercise programmes provide different routes or journeys changing speeds at different types to provide not only variety to your running but also different programmes with different exercise goals from losing weight, increasing cardiovascular activity and walking.

The running belt is 1000 mm long by 340 mm in width, thatís 40 inches in length by 14 inches in width, the long running belt is ideal for both short and tall people, if your taller your have longer legs and a longer stride length, if when running on a treadmill you have ever found yourself accidentally kicking the front board of the treadmill as you try to walk or run, thatís because your stride length was too large for the treadmill and your legs and feet had no more room so you keep kicking the back board of the treadmill, with this long running belt treadmill this wonít be a problem.

The large 14 inch width of the treadmill gives you plenty of room to stand on the treadmill, not everyone walks or runs directly in the middle of the treadmill and people need more room, the treadmill handlebars are close to the front of the treadmill so your side space wonít be limited by protruding handlebars that want to dig into your sides like some treadmills.

Turn Your Treadmill Into A Standing Desk, Exercise Desk Or Treadmill Desk

Notice how the handlebars slope downwards slightly but are large and wide, this is the perfect treadmill for placing a board on top of the handlebars, use this board to turn your treadmill into a standing desk or exercise desk or treadmill desk where you can place a laptop computer on the board above the handrails and walk on the treadmill as you type on the laptop, its the ideal way to get fit or stay fit whilst you continue with your office work.

To adjust the height of the handlebars you simply turn the knob on the side of the metal frame which lowers and highers the handlebars, this makes the treadmill suitable for all ages of people from children who just like to play on the treadmill with a bit of walking or running for fun exercise to middle aged users who want a good workout to lose weight and for older people who want to continue to be active without having to walk outside.

Recovering From Accident Or Injury

If your recovering from accident or injury your doctor may have advised certain exercises or walking each day, with this cheap treadmill its easy to get the exercise and rehabilitation you need without having to go to any great expense for a treadmill that you might not want to continue using once you are fully recovered from your accident or injury.

At the base of the treadmill is another knob, pull this knob out to unlock the treadmill deck and allow the handlebars to fold down onto the deck, this makes for a very small and compact treadmill which can easily be carried or put on the back seat of a car for transport between home or office or from your university halls back to your home.

Simple Treadmill

The digital display on the running computer is so easy to use, it is the simplest treadmill to operate, for people who donít like complicated gadgets or the elderly who have trouble working electronics this simple treadmill is ideal, press the power button to start the treadmill, press the speed increase and decrease buttons to start the treadmill moving and walk or run on the treadmill, at its simplest thatís how to use the treadmill.

For people wanting more functions out of the treadmill, they can turn the treadmill on and press the mode button to cycle through the 3 built in exercise programmes which will show as P1, P2 or P3 on the screen, now use the speed increase and decrease buttons to set the maximum speed you want for the exercise programme you have selected with the mode button.

If you press the mode button one more time the treadmill will go into scan mode and the scan light beneath the digital display will light up, rather than showing speed, time, distance or calories only on the screen the scan setting will cycle through all these displays showing you each display one after the other and then repeating.

The treadmill has a calorie counter in the screen so if your looking to lose weight you can exercise by running or walking to burn a specific number of calories each day this will help you to reduce your weight and be less fat, remember that a man typically consumes 2,000 calories a day and a women 1,700 calories a day, consume more calories than that or lead a sedentary lifestyle (sitting at an office desk all day) and you will get fat as your not burning off the excess calories in the food you eat. With this treadmill you can both get fit and lose weight.

Emergency Stop Cord

This simple treadmill also features an emergency stop cord, one end of the cord has a round magnet attached, this sticks to the round magnet built into the front console, when the cord is pulled and the magnets separate the treadmill comes to an immediate stop, tie the emergency stop cord around your wrist or attach the clip on the emergency stop cord to your clothing so that if you move away from the treadmill or fall off then the treadmill will immediately stop, preventing injury from you falling on a moving treadmill running deck.

When not in use the treadmill can be folded up, the folded treadmill will stand upright, the treadmill in this position takes up much less room so its ideal for use at home where you wonít want a treadmill taking up room in your home when not in use, you can push the treadmill near the wall or behind the curtains or move the treadmill into a storeroom or the shed or garage.

This simple treadmill is delivered free of charge and usually arrives within two working days, the treadmill is delivered in a box and weighs 16 kg (2.5 stone) so easy enough to lift and move around your home when in the box, the delivery driver will put the treadmill box in any room in your home for you to unpack and start to use your treadmill.

Strong Enough For All Users

This treadmill has a metal frame and a powerful motor so its strong enough for all users to use no matter their size, the advantage of this treadmill is that its simple to use and being simple in design thereís very little to go wrong and very little to learn how to use, the treadmill despite being so very well made is cheap, if your thinking of going to a gym to walk or run on the treadmill there then consider that you can buy this treadmill for just the cost of a few visits to the gym, it really is that cheap.

Treadmill exercise is designed to keep you active, especially useful for older people who donít want to go out in the cold outside or worry about their safety outside, they can get all the exercise they need walking slowly on the treadmill, holding onto the metal handrails for support or holding the emergency stop cord so if they have any worries they can simply pull the emergency stop cord to stop the treadmill.

The maximum user weight of this simple treadmill is 120 kg thatís 19 stone in weight, so perfectly suitable for even the biggest and heaviest of users to use this treadmill to lose weight, if your obese and embarrassed to exercise outside on the streets or at a gym then lose the weight in the privacy of your own home, the calorie counter will be great to see exactly how many calories you have burned through exercise each day.

Comfortable Walking Pace

The slowest speed on the treadmill is a very comfortable walking pace so ideal for those with less mobility like the elderly or those recovering from accident or illness who need some rehabilitation at a slower pace.

There is some assembly required with this treadmill but it is only a case of attaching the digital display cables (plugging them in) and attaching the handrail to the treadmill by pushing into place and securing with the bolts and tool provided.

As this treadmill folds flat you can store it under a bed, ideal to slide out the treadmill when you want some exercise and to slide the treadmill back under the bed after you have exercised, alternatively some people attach big hooks to the wall and hang the treadmill on the wall when its folded, this keeps the treadmill out of the way and is then easy to store in a shed or a garage or on the wall in your home if you want a conversation piece.

Use This Simple Treadmill For Walking, Jogging And Running

You can use this simple treadmill for walking, jogging and running and many people use it for all three, the motor is fast enough for some really fast running if thatís what you want, but the slower speeds and simple operation make it suitable for all the family young or old.

At the back of the treadmill are belt adjustment screws, these allow you to adjust how loose the treadmill belt is, keep the treadmill belt tight to prevent slipping by tightening the screws periodically, this will ensure many years of service form the treadmill without the need to ever buy any spare parts.

This simple treadmill does not have an incline, you cannot change the slope on the running deck to simulate a hill, this is a basic treadmill, and thatís a feature found on professional treadmills and certainly treadmills which cost four times the price of this simple treadmill.

This treadmill whilst simple has its own electric motor, this is an electric treadmill and not a manual treadmill, there are magnets or manual rollers, simply step onto the treadmill and adjust the speed to start the electric motor driving the treadmill belt around.

Being a simple treadmill with few additional features thereís not a great deal to go wrong so the treadmill should last for years, the treadmill is also very quiet in operation for the same reason, fewer bells and whistles means less to go wrong and less noise in use, you can quite easily walk or run on the treadmill whilst you watch TV and the nose of the treadmill certainly wonít disturb other members of the household.

Use As A Dog Treadmill

As a simple treadmill you can buy this treadmill for your dog to get some exercise as well as yourself for use as a dog treadmill simple select a low walking speed where your dog can jump off once they have had enough exercise.

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