Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Review, Folding Exercise Machine

Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Review, Folding Exercise Machine

Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Review

Motorised Electric Treadmill Running Machine Review, a folding exercise machine with an adjustable speed from 1 to 10 km per hour, 6.21 miles per hour maximum speed. The treadmill features an iPad and tablet holder to safely hold the iPad with a supportive back to stop the iPad slipping, watch video, read or surf the web whilst you exercise.

iPad, Kindle and Tablet Holder

The LED display below the iPad holder shows speed, distance ran or walked, time taken and calories burned, you can either display each measurement one after the other in scan mode or keep the screen displaying the same measurement for example you might just want to run and watch the calories burned count upwards.

17.5 Stone Maximum User Weight, Suitable Foir Heavy Users

Users weighing up to 110Kg or 17.5 stone can use this foldaway treadmill without worrying that their weight will prevent them from being able to use a treadmill to exercise, many other treadmills do not support heavier users so this treadmill is ideal if your carrying a few extra pounds and looking to lose weight.

Their are four exercise programmes built into the treadmill so as well as just switching on the treadmill pressing the speed increase button and running you can also use a built in exercise programme that will cause you to run or walk at different speeds for different exercise goals, like losing weight, high intensity workout, toning, strengthening and endurance, choose an exercise programme that matches your goals and your find running or walking on the treadmill a lot less boring with the varied exercise programmes.

The length of the runway (treadmill deck) is 98 cm thatís one metre in length and 36 cm in width thatís over 14 inches in width, plenty room for even the tallest of users who will have a large stride length and need the full one metre length and larger users will appreciate the 14 inches width giving them plenty of room to stand comfortably on the treadmill.

The treadmill is black in colour with silver detailing on the digital display console making for a very smart and high tech looking treadmill. The treadmill weights 24 kg thatís under 4 stone in weight, so easy to move around when folded but sturdy enough to be used by runners just under 18 stone in weight.

The treadmill is powered by an electric motor that uses 500 watts in power, your average kettle for making tea uses over 1000 watts, so this treadmill is actually very economical with its electricity usage even when being used by larger users, the treadmill motor generates just under one horse power so its powerful enough for users weighing nearly 18 stone without being so large that the treadmill is not easy to store when not in use.

Thereís both an emergency stop switch and an emergency stop cord, the emergency stop button when pressed will bring the treadmill to an immediate stop, if you feel unwell or wish to stop quickly pressing the big red emergency stop button will halt the treadmill, also the treadmill comes with an emergency stop cord, on the front console of the treadmill your see a circular magnet, the safety cord also has a round magnet (looks like a thick coin) on the end of the cord, the two magnets must be placed on top of each other on the console, without the safety cord being attached to the display console the treadmill will not function and will not start.

The safety cord when pulled away from the console causes the treadmill to emergency stop, if you fall off the treadmill and the safety cord is attached to your clothing or tied around your wrist then the cord will pull away form the console causing the treadmill to stop.

The Worlds Smallest Folding Treadmill

The treadmill folds up so small when not in use, its the perfect personal treadmill that you can carry around with you, put in the boot of your car or on the back seat, store under your bed or in a cupboard, its small size when folded makes it a great treadmill for flats and apartments or just any home where space is limited.

The treadmill has safety locks to hold the folding treadmill in its open or closed position, the treadmill also has transport wheels that allow the treadmill to be wheeled about your home for easy storage, these wheels only touch the floor when the treadmill is folded so you donít have to worry about the treadmill moving when you are running or walking on the treadmill.

You can use the display panel to set the time you want to exercise for, the time will count up until the time you selected is reached, this makes it really easy to walk or run for thirty minutes and stop, so you can exercise for thirty minutes a day without going over or under your daily routine.

Large iPads or small iPads, tablets or Kindles will all fit in the tablet holder, 7 inch tablets, smaller tablets or larger tablets will all fit and you can use the holder to prop a book or magazine open too if you prefer to read a paper.

Quiet Treadmill, Makes Very Little Noise

The treadmill is not noisy on carpet but on bare floors like vinyl, wood or laminated wood (some laminates are quieter than others) you might need to use an exercise machine rubber mat, not because this treadmill is noisy but because some floors are less quieter than others.

The treadmill has a slight incline on the running deck, this prevents your feet slipping as its easier to grip on a slight incline, whilst running in trainers is preferred some people prefer to run barefoot and the slight incline makes it easier to run barefoot, a slight incline is also great for your thighs and legs and will help tone quicker than running on the flat, incline running typically burns 100 calories more than running or walking on the flat.

Super Fast Two Day Delivery By Courier

The treadmill is delivered by courier to your home and comes packed flat, that is with the treadmill in its folded state so it takes up very little room, simply pull the treadmill upwards to its unfolded position and insert the safety locking bolt so the treadmill stays in the unfolded position.

To open the treadmill to its unfolded position simply pull the large spring loaded safety locking bolt on the left hand side, then you can pull the treadmill to its open position. The treadmill can be used both for walking or running at speed or more gentle speeds for those who want to get fit or keep-fit fit by walking.

This treadmill comes with free delivery and delivery is usually next day or two day delivery. If after you unfold the treadmill and try to use it your just unable to get it to work then the chances are that you havenít attached the emergency stop cord to the treadmill console, the machine for safety reasons will not start without the emergency cord attached.

Very Lightweight, Compact And So Easy To Use

The treadmill is so very light and compact, folded you can put the treadmill under your bed the handlebars fold down level with the treadmill so this treadmill really does fold down flat, the treadmill has iPad and tablet holders, the only thing it does lack is a water bottle holder, although you can balance a water bottle on the top of the console.

An excellent choice for heavy weight users, if this is your first time getting fit then being able to use this treadmill when you weigh 18 stone is ideal, use your iPad, Kindle or tablet to stop yourself getting bored and you can walk or run to start losing weight, use the time and calorie counter to track how long you have been exercising and the calorie counter to see how many calories your burning whilst exercising.

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Measure Pulse Rate, Heart Rate and See Your Heart Rate On Screen

The treadmill comes with pulse sensors in the handlebars on the front of the treadmill, hold the handlebars with your hands over the silver coloured sensors and those metal sensors will read your pulse rate, your pulse rate and heartbeat which is calculated from your pulse rate are then displayed on the screen.

The treadmill when folded is one of the smallest treadmills available, its so easy to store and carry around your wonder why anyone would ever want to buy a big treadmill. When folded the treadmill looks a bit like a trouser press except that a trouser press is probably bigger, the treadmill when folded looks like a piece of stylish luggage and thatís exactly how you can treat it you can simply pick up the treadmill, and carry it with the handlebars becoming the handle to carry the folded treadmill, I have never seen a smaller or more compact treadmill this is truly the treadmill that you can put on the seat of a car and take around a friends house.

There are three exercise programs built into the treadmill, these are labelled P0, P1, P2 and P3 on the treadmill console, pressing the button selects the exercise programme and the treadmill starts running, exercise programme P0 is the custom exercise programme where you can set the speed of the treadmill manually and do what you like from a slow walk to a fast run, note that on all the exercise programmes you can change the speed up or down (faster or slower) as the exercise programme is running.

Exercise programme P2 is the high intensity programme with hard workouts followed by rest periods, perfect for losing weight, exercise programme P2 starts off slower and ends slowly and for the middle portion maintains a constant speed, its the perfect run (or walk if you lower the speed), and uses built in warm up and cool down phases to prevent injury.

Automatic Warm Up And Cool Down Programmes To Keep You Free From Injury

With programme P2 you donít need to warm up or cool down by doing any exercises, you wonít strain or pull a muscles due to not warming up properly as the exercise programme is designed to warm you up and cool you down automatically.

Exercise programme P3 has no warm up or cool down and instead starts off at a fast pace but soon changes to higher intensity sections at an even faster pace before slowing down to the fast paced yet achievable steady state, this is ideal for stamina building and of course you can change the speed of any of the exercise programmes manually with the speed increase or decrease buttons.

The pulse sensors which are built into the hand grips are made form metal and silver in colour as well as measuring your pulse they also measure your BMI Body Mass Index, this is a measure of how fat you are and your BMI will be displayed on the screen, regularly checking your BMI from one week to the next will help inspire you on your road to fitness as you see your BMI reduce.

When folded the treadmill has transit wheels that you can use to pull the treadmill along in much the same way that you would pull a suitcase along, it makes for a very easy to manoeuvre and easy to store treadmill that takes up zero space in your home, if you didnít tell people that you had a treadmill, they would not know as it folds away that small.

With the iPad or tablet holder at the back of the display console this is a very practical exercise machine, many people find exercise boring and with this treadmill you can watch videos, read or surf the web, if your walking whilst reading or watching videos time will pass very quickly and you will also have got fit, its the perfect way to catch up on entertainment and get fit too, your most definitely not a coach potato when your watching video on this treadmill.

The most compact treadmill I have ever seen, it folds down and looks like a piece of luggage on wheels, a truly useful iPad or tablet holder and a very easy to use digital display for selecting your exercise programme plus two safety locks to hold the treadmill in its unfolded position and an emergency safety cord in case you fall off, practical, stylish and inexpensive what more could you ask from a treadmill.

This treadmill comes with free two day delivery and a one year guarantee so any problems and you can get your money back or a free replacement treadmill.