New Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Running Machine, Folds Away, Folding

New Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Running Machine, Folds Away, Folding

New Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Running Machine

New Motorised Electric 10km Treadmill Running Machine, Folds Away, Folding with a maximum speed of 10 km per hour 6.21 miles per hour, this treadmill folds completely flat for easy storage under your bed or in the cupboard under the stairs.

The 10km or 6.21 miles per hour maximum speed means that if you were to run a marathon on this treadmill you would complete the marathon in just over 4 hours, thatís a powerful treadmill that will let you run a 26 mile marathon so fast, of course you can use this treadmill for walking, jogging or running and donít have to run fast if you donít want to.

New Treadmill

This is a new treadmill that is delivered in two working days, delivery is free and the treadmill will be carried inside your home by the courier company, the treadmill arrives in its folded position, simply undo the locking nut and the unlocked treadmill can be opened up into its unfolded position, then insert the locking nut again to hold the treadmill firmly in the unfolded and ready for use position.

One Year Warranty

This new treadmill comes with a one year warranty, should the motor, the frame or any part of the treadmill fail within the first year your get a free repair or replacement treadmill depending on which is more economical, simply contact the company on the customer support telephone number listed in the treadmill instructions.

Adjustable Manual Incline

This new treadmill features adjustable manual incline, many treadmills donít have any sort of incline feature or have an incline set already whether you want it or not, this new treadmill allows you to manually adjust the incline or hill that the treadmill running deck slopes, raise the front of the treadmill deck to create a hill which you can walk or run up as you exercise, running or walking up hills burns more calories than running or walking on the flat and also strengthens and tones your calfís, thighs and buttocks, more expensive treadmills will have a motorised incline, with this new treadmill you adjust the incline yourself which makes the treadmill much cheaper.

This treadmill is brand new and features three exercise programme modes, the different modes have different speeds and different times between changes of speed these modes are designed to strengthen and tone, lose weight and increase cardiovascular activity, choose the mode that most closely matches your goal, the exercise machine will change the speed by itself using these automated programmes but you can set the maximum speed and adjust any speed change manually to make it easy for you to run or walk.

As well as the automated exercise programmes thereís a manual mode which allows you to control the speed of the treadmill yourself, using the speed plus and speed minus buttons below the digital display which is mounted directly in front of you on the treadmill above the handlebars, the digital display features speed, time, distance and calories, there is a scan button to change between speed, time, distance and calories one by one and then repeat or you can watch the speed, time, distance or calories separately, for example if you want to walk one mile each day then just watching the distance display will be of more interest to you than scanning through all the available readings.

Red Coloured Treadmill

The treadmill comes with an emergency stop switch and emergency stop cord, the cord is attached to your clothes with the clip provided and if you fall off the treadmill or start to lose your balance and pull away from the treadmill then the cord will be pulled off the control panel and the machine will stop immediately, this prevents injury or the treadmill continuing to move when you have slipped or fallen, older users will find this feature very reassuring.

The treadmill is red in colour with a bright red running belt, red handlebars, white body and white digital display housing, the treadmill body is made from metal and painted white with a non chip paint, the treadmill looks very smart and the red and white colours certainly make this treadmill far more attractive then the many grey treadmills you normally see and makes this treadmill an excellent choice for your home where the brightly coloured treadmill will look fun and inviting.

The handlebars of the treadmill adjust up and down with a hand wheel on the side of the treadmill, thereís also a similar hand wheel on the side of the running deck to increase or reduce incline, its incredibly easy to adjust both the height of the treadmill and the incline, whether your tall or short the adjustable height handlebars means this treadmill is for you.

Massive Handlebars Are Big And Long

The massive handlebars are big and long and provide lots of space for you to hold onto the treadmill whilst you exercise, if your worried about your balance on the treadmill then simply hold the foam covered treadmill handlebars for support, the neoprene foam handlebar covers are soft and allow you to grip tightly whilst still being easy to clean.

If your thinking about an exercise desk or desk machine like a standing desk then simply place a board over the large handlebars of this treadmill and place your laptop on top of the board, now you can work on your laptop typing or using the mouse whilst you walk along, the perfect way to exercise and work at the same time, alternatively watch a movie on your laptop and you can walk or run whilst your watching.

Very Small Treadmill

When folded the treadmill becomes very small as the frame and treadmill deck fold right in half, some treadmills only fold to a 45 degree angle, this treadmill folds completely in half making it very easy to store in your home, when folded the treadmill has wheels at the bottom which can be used to push the treadmill along so you donít have to lift the treadmill when your transporting the treadmill between a shed or garage.

If your looking to get fit, lose weight or just remain active then this brand new cheap treadmill makes exercising at home easy, you donít have to go to the gym or even go outside to get fit and exercise and the price of this treadmill is much cheaper than a gym membership.

The metal frame of the treadmill and treadmill deck will support a user with a maximum bodyweight of 100 kg thatís 16 stone so a treadmill thatís strong enough for the whole family to use. The treadmill has a running surface of 101 cm long and 34 cm wide or 1 metre long and 14 inches in width.

Unfolded the treadmill, has a length of 135 cm (1.35 metres) and a width of 64 cm (25 inches) and a height of 127 cm (1.27 metres), when the treadmill is folded for storage the length is 59 cm (2 foot) the height is 127 cm (4.16 feet) and width of 64 cm (25 inches).

Fitness Equipment Mat

You can use a fitness equipment mat below the treadmill to reduce vibration but this treadmill does not vibrate much and there is little sound from the treadmill, you can watch television in the same room as the treadmill or hold a conversation and the treadmill noise will not disturb you, if you wish you can use the treadmill early in the morning or late at night when other members of the family or neighbours are still asleep and they wonít hear you exercising on the treadmill.

You can use the treadmill upstairs or downstairs as the treadmill will not cause vibrations through your floors when used upstairs as the treadmill is lightweight.

Safety Features

A tip to help you use this treadmill, the safety cord must be in place (attached to the circle below the digital display) for the treadmill to operate, if you donít attach the safety cord the treadmill wonít start and the digital display will just have the word safety displayed on it.

The treadmill belt is 13.25 inches in width that provides plenty room for you to walk or run on the treadmill the extra large handlebars makes it very easy to exercise and feel supported, hold the large handlebars and you wonít feel unsteady or fall off.

Whilst the treadmill has three built in exercise programmes and a manual exercise programme you are not limited to the speeds of the exercise programme at any point you can press the speed increase and speed decrease buttons below the digital display unit and change the speed of the treadmill so you donít have to worry that the treadmill will be too fast or too slow for you as your in complete control to change the speed from a slow walk to a fast run and any point in between.

The treadmill shows the distance you have walked or run and the calories you have burned walking or running, if you want to walk one mile a day just look at the screen to see when you have walked a mile if you want to burn 100 calories a day then look at the screen to see when you have walked or run far enough to burn 100 calories.

Lightweight Treadmill

The treadmill weighs 28 kg thatís 4 stone in weight, that makes the treadmill light enough to carry around or up and down the stairs if you need too. This is an electric treadmill you have to plug the treadmill into the mains for the treadmill to work, the electric motor inside the treadmill drives the belt around, you cannot use the treadmill without plugging it into the mains as the belt will not move round without power.

If you have ever used a treadmill in the gym and find that you accidentally kick the treadmill frame wall in front of you with your feet your be pleased to know that the front of this treadmill is open so thereís nothing in the way of your feet, you can kick your legs out as much as you like whilst you run or walk and your feet wonít catch on the treadmill body unlike great many other makes of treadmill that are enclosed.

If your walking or running on the treadmill and want a break for example because you want to walk two miles each day but get tired after one mile and want a break then simply note down the distance on the digital display so when you start using the treadmill again your aware of how far you have already walked or run.

The treadmill is delivered with minimal assembly required, you just need to attach the digital display and the frame of the treadmill, when you take delivery of the new treadmill its the only time your need to assemble anything as when assembled you can simply fold the treadmill when you have finished exercising and want to put the treadmill away to get more space in your home.

Walking Treadmill And Walkers

Use this treadmill as a walking treadmill or walker as well as for jogging or running, you can slow the speed of the treadmill right down for a very slow walking pace if thatís what you prefer as you are in full control of the speed from slow to fast.

Many people new to treadmill running or walking will log everything they do on the treadmill in a diary, for example how far they walk or run on Monday, how many calories they burn and their speed, then over time they will look to increase the speed or the distance to get themselves just that little bit fitter or lose a little more weight or prepare themselves for the local half marathon.

Recovering From Illness Or Injury

If you are recovering from illness or injury this treadmill will help you build up your confidence again, its cheap enough that your not wasting your money on an expensive treadmill that you might not need once you have recovered. This treadmill is a great buy if your looking to participate in something like Ďcouch to 4kí, the treadmill is cheap enough to be well worth purchasing for a one off challenge like Ďcouch to 4kí.

Whether your able bodied or have a disability, young or old this brand new treadmill is an ideal way to increase your mobility, lose weight and enjoy exercise.

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