Olympic Endeavour DK-19 Inclined Folding Treadmill With Lubrication System

Olympic Endeavour DK-19 Inclined Folding Treadmill With Lubrication System

Olympic Endeavour DK-19 Treadmill

Olympic Endeavour DK-19 Inclined Folding Treadmill With Lubrication System includes shock absorption system with 6 shock absorbers under the treadmill belt, built in pulse rate sensors in the handle bars, 12 built in exercise programmes and built in USB speakers for mobile phone and tablet connection.

The Olympic Endeavour DK-19 has a shock absorption system to prevent impact injury to your knees, heels and back, running is a high impact sport, a great cardiovascular workout but damaging to bones and muscles if you donít have a suspension system that can provide adequate support whilst you run, especially if you are a heavier runner putting more pressure on your feet, knees and spine.

Six Separate Shock Absorbing Systems

With six separate shock absorbing systems built into the treadmill running deck, these independent shock absorbers cushion your movements whether your running or walking, every impact with your foot on the treadmill is cushioned to prevent impact injury.

The running board under the treadmill is dual layer, this means that the treadmill running deck can support a greater weight, with the Olympic Endeavour DK-19 supporting a maximum user weight of 18 stone thatís 110kg, instead of one running board under the treadmill belt the DK19 has two separate running boards bonded together, this provides twice the strength of other treadmills and twice the weight bearing capacity, if your overweight and looking to buy a treadmill to lose some weight the DK19 is a great choice.

Maximum User Weight Of 18 Stone

A maximum user weight of 18 stone not only means that the Olympic Endeavour treadmill can support 18 stone but also that its supports impacts much greater than the 18 stone maximum weight, when you are running hard and hit the treadmill with your foot hard the impact resistance of the treadmill needs to be rated several times higher than daily use.

Olympic Treadmill

Built into the short handlebars if the Olympic treadmill are two pulse sensors one in each handlebar, its these pulse sensors made from stainless steel that are covered by the palm of your hands as you hold the handlebars, the pulse in your hands is read and then displayed on the digital display along with your heart rate which is calculated from the pulse rate.

The handlebars are short, this is great for larger users, long handlebars that come around the sides of the user as they stand on the treadmill can rub or touch against the sides of the user causing pain and discomfort, these short handlebars means that there are no large sides that will get in your way whilst you walk or run on this treadmill especially if you are on the upper end of the treadmills maximum weight capacity.

Desk Treadmills, Standing Desks Or Walking Desks

Notice that the treadmill handlebars are flat and donít angle downwards or curve around the sides of the user, if you are interested in desk treadmills, standing desks or walking desks where you can walk on a treadmill whilst you continue to work on your laptop computer your notice that the flat handlebars will support a flat board over the handlebars onto which you can rest a laptop, you can then walk on the treadmill as you continue to use your laptop.

On the handlebars your find speed controls to make the treadmill go faster or slower, these controls are conveniently located on the handlebars so you donít have to move forward or lean forward towards the treadmill screen and maybe cause yourself to become off balance, people new to walking or running on a treadmill like to hold onto the handlebars and are scared to let go of the handlebars and move their arms towards other controls for fear of falling off or losing balance, not to mention the fact that if you are not holding the handlebars then the pulse sensors will not be able to display your pulse rate on the screen.

Maximum Treadmill Speed Of 9 Miles Per Hour

The Olympic Endeavour DK-19 has a maximum treadmill speed of 9 miles per hour thatís 14 km per hour, if you were to run on the treadmill at full power you would complete a 26 mile marathon in just under 3 hours, thatís incredibly fast running and goes to show you the power of the Olympic treadmill, of course you donít have to run or walk that fast you can use the treadmill at any speed you like.

The treadmill motor is rated at 1.75 HP thatís sufficiently more powerful than many other treadmills which start off at less than 1 HP. The actual treadmill running deck, the space you have to run on is 1400 mm in length by 400 mm in width thatís over 55 inches in length and over 15 inches in width, a long treadmill deck like this is ideal for taller runners as the taller you are the longer your legs and the larger your stride length and you need a large length treadmill for a large stride, if you are tall and you try and walk or run on a treadmill that is too short then your find that your feet will be hitting on the front of the treadmill, additionally larger users of up to 18 stone will appreciate the larger running deck to walk or run on.

The width of the running deck is important too with 15 inches in width thereís plenty of room for even the largest of runners or walkers to use the treadmill without hitting their sides on the handrails, additionally the Olympic Endeavour DK-19 has short handrails to make it easier for larger runners to use the treadmill.

The Olympic Endeavour DK-19 Treadmill has 12 different exercise programmes built into its memory, you can choose different programmes for different goals like losing weight, getting fit, maintaining fitness, walking, jogging, marathons, high intensity fitness and many others.

Digital Display Unit Shows Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate And Calories

The digital display unit shows time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories, the exercise programmes can run through pre set speeds, inclines and distances to give you a walk or run with many different variations of exercise programme available depending on the incline, speed and distance covered as well as the order of the incline and speeds, but additionally the exercise programmes can be controlled by your own heart rate as monitored through your pulse rate and the pulse rate sensors in the handlebars.

The Exercise Programme Monitors Your Heart Rate And Automatically Adjusts

The exercise programme monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts its settings to higher or lower the incline to increase or decrease the speed of the treadmill depending on your heart rate, you can set the treadmill up to keep you at a constant heart rate or to speed up or slow down if your heart rate increases or drops, to work you harder if your heart rate indicates your at rest and to stop the treadmill if your heart rate is above or below expected limits as a safety feature, its like having your own doctor or personal trainer with you when you run or walk on the treadmill and makes the Olympic Treadmill ideal for rehabilitation for people recovering from accident or injury or for the obese who need a carefully managed exercise programme to help them lose weight.

The digital display also shows calories, you can watch the calories your burning through exercise in real-time, remember that a man should consume no more than 2,000 calories a day and a women no more than 1,700 calories a day, any higher calorie consumption than that and you will put on weight (get fat) if you are not doing any exercise, with the Olympic Endeavour treadmill you can watch the calories burned count up as you exercise even setting a daily goal of burning a certain number of calories to help you lose weight.

The digital display can show time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories one after the other in an ever changing display that shows one treadmill statistic and then moves onto the next, this is an ideal way to get an over view of all the goals of your exercise, or you can set the treadmill to only display one goal like the miles you have run, some users want to see all goals one by one whilst other users want to focus on the one goal, with the Olympic Endeavour treadmill the choice is yours.

Built In USB Stereo Speakers

On each side of the front console your see stereo speakers, these come with a USB slot where you can plug in any device such as your mobile phone or tablet and have the sound of your phone or tablet coming out of the speakers, you can plug in iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android phones and Android tablets the advantage of this is for people who do not like wearing headphones whilst they are running or walking.

Headphone cables can get in the way of you using the treadmill and can be a safety hazard, with no need to use headphones (unless you want to) you can enjoy your run or walk listening to music or a film whilst you exercise and thereís space at the front of the digital display to place your phone or tablet so you can watch movies and see the screen whilst you exercise.

Between the stereo speakers is the emergency stop cord, there are two ways to stop the Olympic Endeavour treadmill in an emergency, the first is to press the red emergency stop button located on the central console, the other way is to use the safety cord provided, one end of the safety cord attaches to the emergency stop and the other end has a clip to attach to your clothing or wrap around your wrist or hold in your hand, should you fall or slip off the treadmill the emergency stop cord will pull away from the treadmill emergency stop and the treadmill will come to an immediate halt, this is another safety feature built into the Olympic Endeavour treadmill, and should provide a good deal of comfort to people new to treadmill running or walking.

The Olympic Endeavour DK-19 treadmill has a manual incline, this means that you can adjust the height of the top of the treadmill running deck to create a hill or incline this simulates running or walking up hills, the reason to do this is that running or walking up hills exercises, strengthens and tones your thighs, calves and buttocks more than running or walking in the flat, in fact for the exact same exercise your burn one hundred more calories running or walking on an incline than you would on the flat.

Manual Incline

The incline can be manually selected from zero incline (flat) to a maximum of 5 degrees of incline which is quite a steep hill.

For easy storage the treadmill folds to an approximately 45 degree angle, a hydraulic pump automatically moves the treadmill running deck from its horizontal position to a vertical position this saves space as to have the treadmill deck laid out on the floor of your room takes up a lot of space, with the treadmill deck automatically moved to a near vertical position the treadmill takes up much less space and the wheels under the treadmill allow you to push the treadmill against a wall out of the way when you donít want to exercise on the treadmill.

Free Delivery

The treadmill comes with free delivery and usually arrives within two days of placing the order, your be pleased to know that the treadmill comes 99% pre-assembled with only the digital display needing attaching and the treadmill deck needing tightening into position with the tools provided in the box.

Treadmill Deck Lubrication System

The Olympic Endeavour DK-19 treadmill comes with a built in treadmill deck lubrication system, what this means is that your never need to oil the treadmill or worry about lubrication as the treadmill will lubricate itself for the life of the treadmill so you donít need to worry about any squeaks or vibrations developing or a change in the performance of the treadmill due to wear.

The treadmill can be used on any surface like carpet, wood, concrete, marble or vinyl floor if your using the treadmill on a hard surface like concrete or marble then consider using a rubber mat as this will prevent scratching of the floor and excessive noise due to vibration.

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