Pink Treadmill By Confidence

Pink Treadmill By Confidence

Pink Treadmill

Pink Treadmill By Confidence, a brightly coloured pink treadmill manufactured by Confidence with a 10 km per hour maximum speed setting and low speed of 1 km per hour with 1 km increments in speed, build your fitness up slowly start by walking and then increase to jogging or running.

The digital display shows speed, distance, time and calories burned whilst you exercise, you can either use the scan mode and see all these values displayed one after the other or keep the display on the reading that means the most to you, if your trying to lose weight then watching the calories burned increase will be motivating, if you want to remain active then watching the miles count up will be of more interest.

The Pink Treadmill folds completely flat for easy storage, the handlebars fold around the treadmill deck so thereís no handlebars sticking up from the treadmill when its folded so you can store the treadmill under your bed or on a shelf in the shed or garage or leaning against the wall out of the way or in a cupboard under the stairs, this Pink Treadmills the ultimate in convenience.

Maximum User Weight Of 19 Stone (120 Kg)

This Pink Treadmill by Confidence has a maximum user weight of 19 stone (120 kg) so people weighing up to and including 19 stone can use this treadmill, if your obese or just overweight your be able to start to exercise with this treadmill, start by walking and watch the calories burned display count upwards as you walk your way to fitness.

This treadmill by Confidence is a strong treadmill able to support 19 stone of weight, the frame is made from painted mild steel and is strong, use the handlebars to steady yourself as you exercise, the pink foam covering the handlebars is designed to draw the sweat away from your hands whilst you exercise so your hands wonít get sweaty on the handlebars.

On the side of the metal frame there is a knob you can pull out which allows you to change the height of the handrails and the display, this treadmill is suitable for all ages and heights of users from children to adults, if your small in height simply lower the handlebars (the display is mounted on the handlebars and will lower along with the handlebars), if your tall simply increase the height of the handlebars so that the handlebars are always at arm level, level with your hands out in front of you so if you need to hold onto the handrail for support its directly in front of you.

As well as the knob on the side of the treadmill to adjust the height there also a knob on the side of the running deck, pull this knob out to unlock the frame from the treadmill deck, the frame and treadmill deck are hinged and can now fold down onto each other for easy storage, simply push the knob back in place to lock the treadmill in its folded or open position.

The Treadmill Is Pink In Colour With Pink Belt On The Treadmill And Pick Handlebars

The treadmill is pink in colour with a pink belt on the treadmill and pick handlebar foam coverings, the frame of the treadmill is made from mild steel tubing and is dipped in chip proof paint for protection against chips and scratches, this gives the frame a long life where it will always look good, the metal frame is white in colour, the digital display unit and the base of the treadmill is also white in colour.

Of particular interest to older users, the young and those not used to running or walking on a treadmill is the emergency stop cord also known as a safety cord, one end of this cord has a round magnet attached to it and fits just below the digital display, the digital display contains a matching magnet with the two magnets sticking together, when you pull these two magnets apart the treadmill emergency stops, what that means is that the treadmill running belt immediately stops moving, the electric motor in the treadmill is immediately halted and the treadmill stops.

The other end of the emergency stop cord has a clip attached, this clip can be attached to your clothing, your t-shirt or shorts or simply hold the cord in your hand or tie the cord loosely around your wrist, now if you were to fall or lose your step or just yank on the emergency stop cord the treadmill would come to a halt preventing injury to yourself as you might have fallen onto the moving treadmill, but with the emergency stop activated the treadmill will have halted.

An Electric Treadmill With An Electric Motor Which Powers The Treadmill Belt Around

A very important point to make is that this Pink Treadmill by Confidence is an electric treadmill it has an electric motor inside which powers the treadmill belt around, it is a motorised treadmill thatís powerful enough to move the belt round with a person weighing up to and including 19 stone in weight.

Itís amazing to think that this treadmill is electrical and plugs into the mains wall socket as at first glance its elegant and slimline design will lead you to think it is a manual treadmill without a motor, but thatís not the case Confidence have designed a very attractive treadmill with all the essential features like height adjustment, simple folding and digital display without any of the extras that would have pushed the price of the treadmill up.

Confidence Treadmill

This Confidence treadmill is excellent value for money, if you think how much a gym membership costs even the newer pay as you go gyms, your still saving a lot of money buying your own treadmill as paying for a pay as you go gym with the added benefit that you donít have to leave the house to exercise or workout at a gym which some people especially those who are overweight will find embarrassing.

A Maximum Speed Of 10 Km Per Hour Which Is 6.21 Miles Per Hour

The maximum speed of 10 km per hour which is 6.21 miles per hour, running a marathon on this Pink Treadmill would take just over four hours, thatís amazing for such a cheap treadmill, but its very sturdy and comes with a powerful motor and is so easy to use, now just because you can run a marathon on this treadmill does not mean that you have too, the lowest speed the treadmill can move the belt at is 0.62 miles per hour, thatís a very comfortable slow walking speed so an excellent choice for both walkers, runners and joggers.

This Confidence Pink Treadmill is delivered free of charge with standard delivery usually taking two days, full instructions are included with the treadmill and these instructions only amount to a single sheet of paper because thatís all thatís needed, its a simple treadmill to use.

The treadmill does require some basic assembly, the digital display unit needs to be mounted on the treadmill frame and the display cable connected and the treadmill frame needs to be secured to the treadmill but full instructions are included and this is only a 10 minute job (if you have never used the treadmill before), its really a 5 minute job if you know what your doing.

Cheap Treadmills

Some cheap treadmills are whats called magnetic treadmills these are basically push along treadmills that use your movement on the treadmill to turn the treadmill belt yourself, this is not what this treadmill by Confidence is, this treadmill is fully electric with an electric motor that powers the treadmill belt round, the treadmill folds down small and is designed to be simple to use and yet still has that all essential electric motor to power the treadmill.

This Pink Treadmill is designed for home use (domestic use) its designed to not be noisy and is very quiet in operation there is a hum from the electric motor which turns the treadmill belt around but this is not noisy and not higher than normal conversation or a TV on in the background, other people in the house will certainly not be able to hear you exercising which means you can exercise late at night or early in the morning whilst the household is sleeping and you wonít wake anyone.

Folded And Unfolded Treadmill Size

With the treadmill in its unfolded and ready for use position the treadmill size is 125cm x 61cm x 28cm thatís 50 inches x 24 inches x 11 inches in its folded position ready for storage the treadmill size is 25cm x 63cm x 124cm thatís 10 inches x 25 inches x 50 inches so incredibly compact when not in use and folded.

The Confidence Pink Treadmill Is A Simple Treadmill And Does Not Have An Incline Function

The Confidence Pink Treadmill is a simple treadmill and does not have an incline function, incline is the ability to raise the running deck to form a slope or hill as if you are walking or running up hill, this isnít needed for general fitness like walking, jogging or running and help keeps the treadmill simple to operate and the treadmill very cheap.

As well as the emergency stop cord to stop the treadmill immediately you can also press the red emergency stop button next to the digital display, that does the exact same thing of stopping the treadmill quickly but without the need for the cord, some people will find the cord easier to use as you donít have to lift your hands off the handrails to use the emergency stop button, lifting your hands off the handrails is challenging for users with poor mobility or who are unsteady on their feet or unfamiliar with walking or running on a treadmill.

You can easily transport the folded treadmill in your car, just put it in the boot or on the back seat, you wonít even need to put the seats down to transport this folded treadmill, the box the treadmill comes in is quiet big though, so if your transporting the treadmill when new then simply take it out of the box.

Whilst this is mentioned in the instructions Iíll mention it here to, if your using the treadmill or more accurately trying to use the treadmill and all you see is the safe mode light come on then the emergency stop cord is not attached to the magnet below the digital display, even if you donít plan on using the emergency stop cord it still needs to be connected to the treadmill for the treadmill to start as without the cord the treadmill thinks it has emergency stopped.

This Pink Treadmill Is Not Heavy And Weighs Just 23 Kg

This Pink Treadmill is not heavy and weighs just 23 kg thatís just over 3 stone, you can carry the treadmill up and down the stairs without any difficulty its that light and compact when folded.

In the box with the treadmill has a travel plug for converting the UK mains plug to European plug types, you wonít need this and can put the travel plug aside for your holidays if your in the UK, but its a thoughtful touch and something that didnít have to be included with the treadmill especially considering the low price.

Treadmill By Confidence Comes With A 12 Month Warranty (One Year)

This treadmill by Confidence comes with a 12 month warranty (one year) so if in that time you get any faults or problems you can phone the support line and get a replacement treadmill or a free repair for your treadmill, the simplistic design of the treadmill with few features that can go wrong means that your unlikely to need the warranty but its there if you do.

Use this treadmill for weight loss increasing mobility if your older, fun, strengthening and toning muscles as well as rehabilitation from injury or illness, if your buying the treadmill for a girl then this pink colour makes a great gift.

The treadmill runway size (the size of the moving treadmill) is 98 cm by 38 cm thatís 39 inches long by 15 inches in width, the treadmill is long enough for even those with long legs who will have a larger stride length to use the treadmill, on enclosed treadmills which have a wall directly in front of your feet your often find yourself banging your feet on the wall especially if you have long legs and a large stride but with this Pink Treadmill the front of the treadmill is open so there is no wall to bang your feet against and you have all the leg room you need.

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