Prestige Sports XM-PRO II Treadmill Running Machine

Prestige Sports XM-PRO II Treadmill Running Machine

Prestige Sports XM-PRO II Treadmill

Prestige Sports XM-PRO II Treadmill Running Machine, huge handlebars with plenty of room for running, treadmill with powerful electric motor and lifetime warranty, space saving folding design, 8 automatic exercise programmes, two drinks holders and towel rail.

Towel Rail And Cup Holders

The beautiful Prestige XM-PRO II Treadmill even has a towel rail for hanging your towel on, the towel rail is within easy reach whilst your running on the treadmill and you can grab the towel without breaking your stride, wipe yourself off and put the towel back on the rail without stopping, the Prestige Treadmill also has two drinks folders one on either side of the colour digital display with two drinks holders you can store water and an energy drink on the treadmill and have them right in front of you at hand height within easy reach whilst you run, walk or jog on the treadmill.

Folds Up Completely Flat

The XM-PRO II Treadmill is a folding treadmill where the running deck of the treadmill folds up completely flat against the handlebars, its a lightweight treadmill too so easy to manoeuvre around when its folded, store the treadmill in a shed or garage where you can hang the treadmill on the wall so its out of the way when not in use, being lightweight its ideal to hang on the wall. You can store the treadmill next to a wall so it doesnít take up much room in the house and then bring the treadmill to the centre of the room when you want to exercise.

Electric Motor Lifetime Warranty

The electric motor comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about the motor failing, the other parts of the treadmill and the frame have a two years warranty so if within two years anything breaks or stops working an engineer will visit you in your home to repair the treadmill or deliver a new treadmill to you, thatís great piece of mind, delivery is free too and delivery usually takes two working days.

The treadmill deck is powered by an electric motor, the motor is rated at 1 HP and can drive the treadmill deck round at 10 KM per hour which is 6.21 miles per hour, if you where to run a marathon on the Prestige Sports Treadmill and run at the fastest speed of the machine you would have completed a 26 mile marathon in just over 4 hours, an impressive speed, of course just because the treadmill is capable of such fast speeds doesnít mean that you have to run that fast you can use the treadmill for walking or jogging as well as fast running.

Designed By Fitness Professionals

The Prestige Treadmill comes with 8 automatic exercise programmes, these different exercise programmes designed by fitness professionals to help you lose weight, get fit, tone leg, calf and buttocks, train for a marathon, keep mobile in old age, recover from injury or illness for use as rehabilitation, burn calories and many other features, as well as the automatic exercise programmes there is a manual program where you can set your own speed rather than have the treadmill change speeds and durations for the professionally designed exercise programmes.

Healthy Living And Eating

If your buying a treadmill to lose weight through exercise you probably know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is required for continued weight loss, its also important to eat healthy, this treadmill comes with its own eating healthy guide to show you the sorts of meals you should be eating whilst your exercising and trying to loose weight and get fit, if youíve let yourself go you might not even realise what your doing wrong and what foods you should be eating or avoiding so reading this book that comes free with the treadmill is a helpful reminder.

The treadmill also comes with a treadmill maintenance guide detailing how you should care for the treadmill to ensure its long life, the treadmill has a lifetime motor warranty and a two years parts and frame warranty but thatís no reason not to take care of the treadmill and extend its life even further. The treadmill also comes with another free guide about exercise and fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, losing weight, getting fit and training for marathons requires more knowledge than just running or walking on a treadmill and these free books supplied with the treadmill will be a timely reminder.

Safety Key

This Sports Treadmill comes with a safety key which is also known as a safety cord, the cord has a magnet at one end and a clip at the other, attach the magnet to the digital display and the clip around your clothes then if you fall off the treadmill or pull away the machine will come to an immediate halt so you wonít fall onto a moving treadmill and hurt yourself, the elderly or those using the treadmill for rehabilitation will find this useful as will anyone who is not familiar with treadmill running or walking.

Treadmill Size

The treadmill has a size of 125 cm length by 48.5 cm in width by 120 cm in height, thatís 50 inches in length by 20 inches in width by 48 inches in height in its ready to use unfolded position so a nice big treadmill with plenty of room to move around on the treadmill, the handlebars are absolutely huge and very widely spaced so thereís plenty of room for running, the handlebars also slope done and can be used with a board, place the board over the handlebars and you can turn this treadmill into a standing desk or treadmill desk where you can use your laptop resting on the handlebar boards whilst you walk on the treadmill so you can get fit and exercise whist your working.

The treadmill has a very large running surface of 1000 mm in length by 340 mm in width thatís 40 inches in length by 14 inches in width so a long enough length for even those with long legs and as the front of the treadmill is open thereís no kick board which you might be banging your feet against so even more room to run or walk just the way you want to without being constrained by a small treadmill.

Treadmill For Home Use

This treadmill whilst having many of the features of a commercial treadmill is really cheap, its a home treadmill that thinks its a commercial treadmill with the added bonus of easy folding so it doesnít take up much space, the great feature of this treadmill is its huge handlebars and open treadmill deck which gives you so much more room.

The Prestige Sports Treadmill has been featured in ĎWomenís Fitnessí and ĎHealth & Fitnessí magazine and is proving really popular with both men and women, its a lightweight treadmill that when folded is a real space saver but when unfolded is big enough for a serious run with no compromises.

The colour digital display shows you the speed and distance travelled and has a calorie counter, the maximum bodyweight that the Prestige Sports Treadmill supports is 100kg thatís 16 stone and with such a large treadmill area to run on, large handlebars to hold on, its a perfect choice for the larger person looking to buy a treadmill to lose weight and lower their body fat where the calorie counter will come in handy as the display with automatically count the calories your burning and show on screen providing lots of motivation for you to keep on exercising.

Quick Release Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism uses a quick release system, simply turn the knob on the side of the treadmill frame and twist, this unlocks the treadmill deck which can now be pushed up into the frame of the treadmill, the frame has two wheels which touch the floor when you tilt the folded treadmill so its easy to wheel the treadmill around from one room to the other, the wheels will work easily well on carpet as well as on wood or vinyl floors.

The treadmill has a beautiful dull black finish, almost gun black which makes for a very smart treadmill to look at, the paint used is scratch and chip resistant so the treadmill will look good for years to come.

The treadmill deck surface is made from ĎExtreme Gripí rubber, this special rubber does not bounce like other treadmill surfaces so its kinder to your joints as the belt does not jar your bones on each step like other treadmills.

The treadmill motor has a lifetime warranty and is rated for 750 watts of power, thatís very economical and kind to the environment plus it wonít use much electricity, when you consider that a kettle requires 1,200 watts to boil water you can see how energy efficient this treadmill is at only 750 watts so its going to save you money on your electricity bill, the motor is also fan cooled to give the motor a long life even under a heavy load of 16 stone which is the maximum loading for the Sports Prestige.

Ultra Smooth Running Deck

Prestige Sports use ultra smooth tapered bearings on the treadmill these bearings last much longer than flat roller bearings used by many other treadmill manufacturers and tapered bearings ensure a long life to both the bearings and the treadmill rollers the treadmill moves more steadily without wobbling and the bearings are not prone to impact damage like plain roller bearings.

This Prestige Sports XM-PRO Treadmill has a built in 10% incline which means that the front of the treadmill is 10% higher than the back of the treadmill to create an incline or hill, the reason for the incline is that an incline helps improve body toning of hips, thighs, buttocks and calves as well as burning more calories than running on the flat and an incline reduces the impact on your joints so you feel less sore and tired after your run or walk, your also burn more calories on an incline treadmill than a flat treadmill and thatís more calories burned for the exact same distance walked or run.

The large LED (Light Emitting Diode) display shows your speed, time and distance as well as calories, the display is lit up so you can see at a glance your numbers, the advantage of a LED display is that the numbers glow which makes the numbers very easy to see in all light levels unlike LCD displays which are hard to read in bright sunlight.

Treadmill Use

You can use this treadmill for walking, power walking, jogging, running, marathon and interval training or high intensity training, the speed and duration of speed is fully adjustable for all effort levels.

The treadmill can be used on thin or thick carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate, stone or marble floors if you have a hard floor its advisable to use a treadmill mat to prevent scratches to your floor or vibration making the treadmill noisy, however its a quiet treadmill so excess noise shouldnít be a problem.

Exercise For Men And Women

Whilst the photo of the Prestige Sports Treadmill shows a women exercising both men and women can use the treadmill the large running deck and large handrails and different exercise programmes makes this ideal for both men and women.

The foldaway treadmill design makes it very easy to store the treadmill, few houses will have room to keep the treadmill in its unfolded position so its great to have a treadmill thatís so easy to use and store.

Folding The Treadmill Away

When the treadmill is folded and is standing upright your notice that thereís a wheel on the side of the upright frame, when you tilt the treadmill the wheel touches the floor and you can wheel the treadmill along like you would push a wheelbarrow, this makes it incredibly easy to move the treadmill as you donít have to be strong enough to lift the treadmill up you can just push the treadmill along.

The front of the treadmill deck is open thereís no kick board to accidentally kick when your running, this can become a problem for taller people who have a larger stride length but with the XM-PRO II the large open space in front of the treadmill (thanks to the innovative open frame design) means that thereís plenty of room for your feet which is not always the case on other makes of treadmill.

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