Reebok ZR8 Treadmill Review

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill Review

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill

The Reebok ZR8 Treadmill has twenty four pre-set exercise programmes and is a folding treadmill with the treadmill folding in half for easy storage in your home. The ZigTech cushioning system gives a more comfortable run or walk on the treadmill running deck and prevents injury to joints by reducing impact injury caused whilst running.

Reebok Treadmill

This Reebok treadmill features an automatic incline and decline with fifteen levels of incline to choose from, on some makes of treadmill the incline is adjustable manually and can only be done when you are not standing on the treadmill with the Reebok you have automatic incline and decline which you can alter up or down from the press of a button.

Automatic Incline

The advantages of automatic incline are that you can simulate running up hills, this is great exercise and strengthening for your calf and thigh muscles, the incline is adjustable so coupled with the twenty four exercise programmes which can automatically adjust the incline to simulate running up hill and down hill you can have a very varied exercise programme.

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed of the ZR8 Treadmill is 16 kilometres per hour thatís a top speed of 9.94 miles per hour, which is a very fast run. You could run a marathon in two and a quarter hours with this treadmill set to its maximum speed.

ZigTech Cushioning System

The ZigTech cushioning system reduces the wear and tear on your joints caused by normal running or walking and is an ideal treadmill to pick for rehabilitation or if you already have a knee, back, foot or leg injury as the cushioning system will absorb the shocks that would normally travel up your feet from the treadmill running deck as you pound the deck when you run.

With ZigTech you can reduce the pressure and damage to gluts, hamstrings and shins as the cushioning system acts like a shock absorber absorbing the impact forces before they travel up your body. The cushioning system is called ZigTech because the system looks like a series of zigzags on the running deck, these shock absorbers absorb your heal strike as your heal hits the treadmill surface reducing impact injury to heals, hamstrings, gluts and shins as well as knee joints, back and spine.

The idea behind ZigTech is that as you pound the treadmill and your heal hits the treadmill the impact forces are sent longitudinally through the running deck of the treadmill rather than vertically through your body, keeping the impact forces away from your body and onto the treadmill surface reduces impact injury.

Continuous Duty Electric Motor

The ZR8 Treadmill features a continuous duty electric motor, what that means is that unlike many motors used in treadmills that can power the treadmill for short periods of time before having to slow down or overheating or wear will result the ZR8 Treadmill is rated for continuous use (continuous duty) at the maximum speed of nearly ten miles per hour, no matter how long a run you have on the treadmill the electric motors capable of running at full power continuously, of course in most situations you wonít be wanting to use the treadmill at ten miles per hour but its good to know that the electric motors rated for this sort of extreme use.

The electric motors capable of running at between 1 to 16kmh, thatís 0.6 to 10mph, the ZR8 treadmill is also a folding treadmill with a soft drop mechanism, what that means is that when you unlock the treadmill running deck from the frames handlebars on some makes of treadmill you have to support the weight of the running deck and slowly lower the running deck to the floor, with the ZR8 Treadmill which features soft drop technology, you can simply release the treadmill lock and the treadmill running deck will slowly and safely glide down towards the floor without you having to lower the running deck and strain your back or legs manually lowering the running deck.

This makes the treadmill suitable for younger and older users as no strength is needed to move the treadmill from its parked or folded position into the unfolded position where you are ready to exercise.

Long Running Deck

The running deck is 126cm in length and 41cm in width thatís 50 inches in length by 16 inches in width, 50 inches in length is over one and a quarter metres in length giving you plenty of room to spread out on the treadmill with even the largest of strides able to be accommodated by the ZR8, with sixteen inches in width thereís plenty of room to stand on the treadmill with your feet side by side and a good gap between your two feet, so if you worry that you donít always run straight on a treadmill and sometimes veer off to the left or right then this treadmill has a large running deck to support you.

The large running deck (long and wide) means thereís plenty of room for even the biggest of runners or walkers, the big stubby handlebars are easy to hold onto and give great support whilst your running or walking, when your tired and still want to keep running or walking you can hold the handlebars tight for extra balance.

Maximum User Weight

The ZR8 Treadmill has a maximum user weight of 120kg thatís 19 stone, so even the heaviest of users can rest assured that this sturdy treadmill will support their weight, the shockproof running deck and the continuous drive motor are all rated for nineteen stone, so you can give the treadmill a pounding whilst your running or walking and the treadmill will continue to be supportive and strong whist the shock absorbing running deck will direct the dangerous downward forces that can lead to calf, glut and shin injury away from your body with joint and back pain much reduced even on long runs.

Digital Console

The digital console features three separate digital displays so you can see all your running data on the screen at the same time, the treadmill displays running time, distance ran, time you have been running and your heart rate, the time and distance can count up or down so if you prefer to see how many minutes are left or how many miles to go or how many miles you have run then you can see these displays counting upwards or downwards depending on your preference.

Your heart rate is measured through hand grip sensors, these silver metal sensors are covered by your hands as you hold the hand grips, they measure your pulse rate in your hands, from your pulse rate, your heart rate can be calculated and this is displayed on the treadmill as you run, if your heart rate is too high or too low the machine will flash a warning to tell you that you should stop exercising as your heart rate is not within normal bounds for exercise, thatís helpful information so that you donít go and exercise too hard when your body is trying to tell you to stop, for the elderly this can act as a safety measure highlighting a heart rate that is too high or low and signalling its time to stop exercising.

Exercise Programmes

The ZR8 has twenty four different exercise programmes, these exercise programmes automatically adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill and continuously adjust speed and incline as you run or walk, this way the treadmill can simulate different runs and exercises which will work different parts of your body, a steep incline will work your calf muscles more than running on level ground for example, a varied set of exercise programmes stops you getting bored running the same routine each day.

Stereo Speakers

This Reebok treadmill has stereo speakers mounted at the front of the treadmill, you can plug in your MP3 player or your phone and have your music played aloud out of the treadmill speakers, not everyone likes to wear headphones as they run, headphones get sweaty in your ears and can fall out whilst your running, when they do fall out you have to scramble to put the headphones back in your ears without breaking stride, with treadmill speakers you donít have to wear headphones and can hear your favourite music as loud as you like.

On the treadmill handlebars your find up and down buttons for speed and incline, so its easy to make the treadmill faster or slower or increase or reduce the incline without having to lift your hands off the handlebars, many treadmill users like to hold the handlebars and find it difficult to lift their hands off the handlebars to adjust the controls of the treadmill with the ZR8 speed and incline buttons on the handlebars its much easier to run or walk without having to break stride to adjust controls.

When you adjust the speed and incline through the controls on the treadmill handlebars your adjusting the speed or incline at that moment in time, if your using a manual exercise programme then that speed or incline will remain constant until you change it again yourself, if you have selected an exercise programme then the speed or incline will change again when the next part of the exercise programme starts, having speed and incline controls on the handlebars is a great way to slow the treadmill down temporarily or reduce the incline temporarily so you can catch your breath, alternatively you can increase the incline and increase the speed from the handlebars too.

As well as heart rate which is measured by first reading your pulse rate from the handlebar sensors and then converting this into your heart rate data you can also see your pulse rate displayed on the screen in front of you along with your heart rate.

The exercise programmes available include body fat programs designed to help you lose weight and target exercise programmes which you can set a target number of calories you want to burn before the machine finishes exercising or a target distance you want to run or a target average speed you want to run, three target exercise programmes are available and three user defined exercise programmes.

The user defined exercise programmes allow you to manually adjust the speed and incline of your exercise and have the treadmill remember the route, so you can play back the exact same speed and incline combinations to recreate an exercise programme you want to use, of course with twenty fount pre-set exercise programmes you may never need to create your own exercises but the option is there of you want to.

Reebok Service Centre

When your buy the treadmill Reebok include a telephone number for their service centre, if your having trouble using the treadmill a Reebok advisor will be able to talk you through its use over the telephone and if a problem has developed the Reebok service centre can arrange for a service engineer to visit free of charge to fix the fault under warranty.

When you order the ZR8 Treadmill it will be delivered to your front door, you can ask the delivery man to set it down for you in a hallway or room for you to unpack the treadmill later.

You can use the ZR8 Treadmill with a mat underneath it to absorb vibration and reduce noise, but most people find that a mat is not needed for Reebok treadmills as they are quiet running anyway, but if noise reduction (there is not much noise) is important to you because for example you use the treadmill, on an upstairs floor or have a young baby that you donít wait to wake then a treadmill mat under the treadmill may be a good idea.

Safety Lock

When your release the safety lock the treadmill running deck will move upwards to lock into its folded position where the running deck clicks locked as it approaches the handlebars of the treadmill, this is not a straight up position but at a slight angle so the folded treadmill, height is not so great that you cannot store the treadmill, under the stairs or in the corner of a room.

When you tilt the folded treadmill the treadmill wheels touch the ground, this lets you wheel the treadmill around like an oversize wheelbarrow making it very easy to move the treadmill from one room to another so you can store the treadmill in one room and use the treadmill in another.

The treadmill stands eight inches off the floor with the top of the track between eight inches and twenty inches off the floor with maximum incline so if the room you want to use the treadmill in has limited head space (height) you can just add a maximum of twelve inches to your height to see if you have enough head room, this will not be a problem in a house as all houses have a standard headroom with plenty clearance for treadmill users but might be a concern if using the treadmill in a shed or garage.