SportsTech F38 Professional Treadmill With 9 Inch Android Tablet Screen And WiFi Belt

SportsTech F38 Professional Treadmill With 9 Inch Android Tablet Screen And WiFi Belt

SportsTech F38 Professional Treadmill

SportsTech F38 Professional Treadmill With 9 Inch Android Tablet Screen And WiFi Belt, this professional treadmill as used in gyms comes with a built in tablet screen running Android and a heart rate monitor chest belt that connects to the screen using wireless internet.

The SportsTech F38 Treadmill comes with itís own built in 9 inch Android tablet screen and video simulations where you can watch a video of the actual location that the exercise programme is mimicking, see roads and woodlands and streams on the video as you walk or run past with the same speed increases and decreases on the video as the exercise programme will create for you.

Built In Android Tablet Can Connect To Your Internet WiFi

The built in Android tablet can connect to your internet WiFi so you can watch YouTube whilst you run or walk or play games or any other activity you might want to do on an Android tablet, you can listen to music and plug in USB memory containing additional music or video files or watch BBC iPlayer or NetFlix or any other streaming video service you like whilst you exercise.

Wireless Connected Chest Belt

The SportsTech F38 Treadmill comes with a wireless connected chest belt that measures your heart rate, using wifi rather than wires means there is no wires to connect to the chest strap or get in your way whilst you are running, measuring heart rate using a heart rate monitor is better than using the pulse rate sensors on the handlebars of the treadmill (which the The SportsTech F38 Treadmill also has) because heart rate calculated from your pulse is an approximation where as heart rate measured by a heart rate sensor is your actual heart rate in real time and not a calculated or approximated value.

DC Motors Are More Powerful Then AC Motors More Commonly Used In Cheap Treadmills

The SportsTech F38 Treadmill has a powerful DC motor, DC motors are not only more powerful then AC motors more commonly used in cheap treadmills but DC motors are also more accurate, they have whatís called a higher resolution, the number of discreet steps that can be moved through for one rotation is greater than with AC motors, what this means to you is that the motor is more powerful and smoother.

AC (Alternating Current) motors use the voltage that comes out of the power socket whist DC (Direct Current) motors need an inverter to create the DC power source and are generally more expensive motors, the The SportsTech F38 Treadmill is a professional treadmill using a professional DC motor.

The motor is capable of generating 6.5 HP at peak power and 3.5 HP continuous, what that means is that for a small period of time the electric motor can generate as mush as 6.5 HP of power but it cannot do this continuously, under normal circumstances the motor can generate 3.5 HP of power, the reason for this is if you are running very fast for a period of time and weigh the maximum allowable user weight of this treadmill then the motor will need more power, your unlikely to be able to run at the maximum treadmill speed continuously so the motor is not rated for high speed use all of the time, if it was even this professional level treadmill would cost twice as much as it does now as a continuous rated motor would be even more expensive.

The motor power is measured in HP which stands for Horse Power, the treadmill is literally the equivalent in terms of power of six and half horses. DC motors are also very low noise, much lower noise than their AC counterparts, so its an ideal treadmill for use in a busy gym where the noise of multiple treadmills could be quite intrusive or at home where other members of the household or your neighbours or indeed yourself when listening to music or watching a film on the treadmill screen wonít be disturbed by a noisy treadmill.

DC motors also have a greatly extended life than AC motors so your be able to use this treadmill in years to come without having to worry that the motor might burn out, something which happens all too frequently on cheaper treadmills.

On the front console to the side of the Android screen are two stereo speakers, the tablet screen has its own built in speakers so you can watch movies or listen to music without the need for headphones if you prefer, the tablet also features a headphone socket so you can plug headphones in if you want, whilst running on a treadmill its nice to not have headphone cables tangling with the handlebars on the treadmill or forcing you to run closer to the front of the treadmill than you would prefer because the headphone cable is too short and you must stay close to the screen, with the built in speakers you can hear your music without the need for headphones which can also fall off your head whilst your jogging or become sweaty whilst your running or walking.

If You Where To Run At Full Speed On This Treadmill You Would Have Run A 26 Mile Marathon In Just 2 Hours

The maximum speed of the The SportsTech F38 Treadmill is 20 km per hour thatís just under 13 miles per hour, to give you an idea of just how powerful this treadmill is if you where to run at full speed on this treadmill you would have run a 26 mile marathon in just 2 hours, a very fast time for a marathon, of course your most unlikely to be running at this speed for long and can run or walk at any speed you like with the speed being selectable from speed increase and decrease buttons built into the hand grips of the treadmill, but the maximum speed just goes to show the strength and build quality of this commercial grade treadmill.

Each Side Of The Treadmill Can Direct Cool Airflow Over You Whilst You Run

On the front of the The SportsTech F38 Treadmill is a double fan unit, two vents on each side of the treadmill can direct cool airflow over you whilst you run, you can turn the fans off from the central console if you donít want the fans blowing cool air over you whilst you run, but if you get hot whilst running and like to be cooled down then these two built in directional fans are ideal, they are just like the vent fans your find on a car.

There are two cup holders in the centre console, one cup holder on each side of the treadmill, use these to hold one water bottle and one energy drink or two water bottles if you prefer, you can also remove the Android tablet from the centre console if you want to store it off the machine.

There are 20 built in exercise programmes in the SportsTech F38 Treadmill including whatís called HRC (Heart Rate Control) programmes, these programmes automatically read your heart rate from the included chest strap and can alter the speed and incline of the treadmill depending on your heart rate reading, if youíre heart rate suggests you at rest or not working hard then the speed or incline of the running deck can be automatically increased by the computer and then lowered if your heart rate shows you working too hard, its like having your own personal trainer with you whilst you run and because the machine is actually monitoring your heart rate its safer too as the machine is programmed to stop if your heart rate increases or decreases beyond safe limits.

The running surface has 5 bonded layers rather than one treadmill surface, what this means is that the treadmill deck is far stronger than a domestic treadmill which will typically have a running deck made of one layer of material or two layers of material bonded together if your lucky, with the SportsTech F38 Treadmill you have five layers of material for extra strength meaning not only that this treadmill can support a larger and heavier user but also that impact on the treadmill running deck will not damage the deck as you can with domestic treadmills.

At 24 Stone Max User Weight It's One Of The Strongest And Most Capable Treadmills I Have Seen

The treadmill is capable of supporting a user with a maximum body weight of 150 kg thatís a massive 24 stone this is one of the strongest and most capable treadmills I have seen, usually your find a domestic treadmill will support a users weight of anything between 14 to 17 stone, but a treadmill that can support a bodyweight of up to 24 stone certainly deserves to be called a commercial treadmill, the SportsTech Treadmill is ideal if you are obese or just in need of losing weight, if your a body-builder this treadmill with its large maximum weight will also be suitable for you.

For safety this commercial treadmill has extra wide side steps, what that means is that the sides of the treadmill next to the moving treadmill, the body of the treadmill if you will is larger than domestic treadmills so if your running or walking and want to jump up off the moving treadmill you can simply step onto the sides of the treadmill which as they form part of the body of the treadmill will be still and an ideal safe area to recover your breath if you where running into difficulties whilst running or walking of course you can lower the speed or stop the treadmill with the emergency stop button as well but sometimes its nice just to take a moment out of the exercise without actually changing any of the settings.

Wide And Long Treadmill Deck To Run On

The treadmill running deck is 1350 mm in length by 500 mm in width thatís 54 inches length by 20 inches in width, thatís a nice wide and long treadmill deck to run on, the advantages of a wide treadmill deck is that there is more space for your feet, not everyone runs in the exact centre of the treadmill most people wonder from side to side whilst they are running and this commercial treadmill gives you the space to walk or run how you wish to, the long length of the treadmill means that you wonít find yourself accidentally kicking the front of the treadmill, this is a sure sign that the treadmill you are using has two short a running belt and your having to adapt your running or walking style to use a treadmill that is to short for you.

The dangers of using a treadmill thatís too short for you is that your muscles will ache and your be bending your back and your neck will ache and your feet will suffer impact pains from hitting the front of the treadmill, with this commercial grade treadmill deck being very long runners of all shapes and sizes will be able to exercise effectively.

Patented Shock Absorption System

Underneath the treadmill deck is a patented shock absorption system where 8 separate shock absorbers absorb the impact of your feet hitting the treadmill, rather than the impact being transferred up your legs into your knees and spine causing pain the shock absorption system dissipates the impact forces through the multi layer treadmill board, your feel less tired using this treadmill as you wonít be suffering sore legs, sore feet and a sore back.

The treadmill folds for easy storage and locks into an approximate 45 degree angle with the treadmill deck lifted off the floor giving you more room in your home.

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The automatic incline can lift the front of the treadmill up automatically to create an incline or hill to simulate running or walking up hill, the exercise programmes can automatically change the incline so it really feels like your running outside on a course with speed changes and incline changes and if you watch the exercise programme video simulations your really feel like your outdoors running as your see the hills on the video and feel the hills under foot as the incline of the treadmill is automatically adjusted.

As well as the included heart rate chest strap just holding the hand grips of the treadmill will cause the pulse in the palms of your hands to be read, this pulse rate is then displayed on screen and your heart rate calculated from the pulse rate, the chest strap provides a more accurate heart rate measurement, but the hand grip pulse rate sensor is still a useful guide if you donít want to put the chest strap on.