X-Lite Endurance Treadmill Review

X-Lite Endurance Treadmill Review

X-Lite Endurance Treadmill

X-Lite Endurance Treadmill Review, life time motor warranty, large 7 inch display screen, hydraulic folding treadmill, fat BMI calculator, 3 levels of incline hill running, shock absorbing running deck and 99 exercise programmes built in.

The X-Lite Endurance Treadmill is the high specification version of the popular X-Lite Sprint Treadmill and X-Lite II Treadmill.

Salus Sports Treadmills

A new feature introduced to X-Lite Treadmills (from Salus Sports) with the Endurance model is the Easy Lubrication System, this system automatically lubricates the running belt components to ensure that the treadmill is maintenance free, you donít need to manually lubricate the treadmill, most people wouldnít know where to start anyway so manually lubricated treadmills often fall into disrepair as users will discard the treadmill when its starts to squeak or perform poorly because they donít know how to perform the lubrication maintenance required, with these concerns in mind X-Lite created the Easy Lubrication System which lubricates itself so you donít have too.

The 7 inch touch screen is blue with white numbers and dials, this makes for a very high tech looking treadmill, the dials make it really easy to see how far you have run or how fast you are running and the digital display makes it easy to reed the speed, distance, calories, Body Mass Index BMI and time.

Endurance Treadmill

The hydraulic folding mechanism on the Endurance Treadmill makes it so easy to fold and unfold the treadmill, on more basic treadmills users must unlock the treadmill running deck and then push the treadmill up to its parked position or pull the treadmill deck down from the parked position to the floor with their hands.

If your strong this is not usually an issue but for shorter users or users with less upper body strength this is difficult to do so X-Lite Treadmills created a hydraulic system which at the push of a button would unlock the treadmill and lift the treadmill deck up from the floor to its parked position or lower the parked treadmill deck back down to the floor.

BMI Body Mass Index System

The X-Lite Treadmill from Salus features a BMI Body Mass Index system, the treadmill has pulse sensors built into the handrails, holding your palm over the pulse sensor as you grip the handrail causes your pulse rate to be read and displayed on screen, your heart rate can also be calculated from your pulse rate and this is also displayed on screen, indeed the exercise programmes built into the treadmill can be automatically controlled by your heart rate, a low heart rate indicating less cardiovascular activity and the machine will speed up or increase the incline on the treadmill running deck and a high heart rate will cause the treadmill to slow down or lower the incline, this is a realistic way to exercise.

The pulse rate sensors in the handrails also contain a BMI sensor, these sensors can automatically measure the fat in your body by measuring the resistance between your two arms, the electrical resistance must pass through your arms and across your chest and body fat, this resistance is used to calculate your BMI index a measure of how fat you are, you can then perform a BMI test as often as you like to see if your use of the treadmill is helping you lose weight and body fat.

The BMI sensor measures resistance across your body and this is perfectly safe and exactly the same technique as used in medical BMI meters you will find at the doctors surgery.

This Salus Sports Treadmill features 3 levels of incline, the incline is the amount of increase from the horizontal as measured on the treadmill running deck, the more the treadmill incline is increased the greater slope of the treadmill, this is a simulation of running or working up hill, the higher the incline the steeper the hill and the harder it is to walk or run uphill, you burn more calories when you walk or run uphill and the muscles in the back of your legs (calf muscles) and thigh muscles get better definition as you run and walk uphill, when the incline is automatically controlled by the exercise programmes on the treadmill it feels like you really are running or walking outside as your running or walking feels more natural like a road or path with flat sections, uphill and downhill sections.

The 3 levels of incline on the treadmill are controlled by buttons located on the treadmill display, on more basic treadmills users have to adjust a bolt or use tools to adjust the treadmill incline, but on the X-Lite Endurance Treadmill the incline is controlled automatically by both the automatic exercise programmes and the manual control buttons on the front of the treadmill.

Manual Control Is Available For Speed Increase And Decrease

Manual control is available for speed increase and decrease and incline increase and decrease, what this means is that as well as allowing the treadmill to control both speed and incline automatically from the exercise programme, some runners and walkers prefer not to use an exercise programme but instead like a manual control mode that allows them to press start, press speed increase and press incline increase and have the treadmill move without the need for automated programmes.

Shock Absorbers Under The Running Deck

Shock absorbers under the running deck of the treadmill make running and walking on the treadmill far more enjoyable, running is an impact sport, your knees, spine and legs are impacted with every step you take, with a shock absorption system like the one built into the Endurance Treadmill you can as the name suggests run for hours without getting fatigued or sore as the impact of running is cushioned by the running deck.

The X-Lite Treadmill Has 99 Exercise Programmes

The X-Lite Treadmill has 99 exercise programmes, these programmes are all designed with different goals and to give variety to your running and walking, without variety your get bored and will quickly not want to exercise any more, the exercise programmes have specific goals like losing weight, improving stamina, training for a marathon, speed walking, walking for fun, light jogging, paced running and many more.

The X-Lite Treadmill is a folding treadmill, the treadmill running deck folds upwards towards the digital display console and locks in a folded position at approximately a 55 degree angle this lifts the treadmill running deck, the largest part of the treadmill, off the floor, when on the floor the treadmill deck takes up a large area of the room and gets in the way at home, but lift the treadmill deck upwards and suddenly you have more space in the room, an ideal way to have a treadmill and make it disappear when its not in use.

This Folding Treadmill has a lifetime warranty on the electric motor that powers the treadmill which means your get the motor replaced free of charge if thatís ever the reason for the treadmill to fail, the rest of the treadmill (frame and parts) has a two year warranty meaning for the period of two years after purchase if anything goes wrong on the treadmill, either the treadmill will be replaced free of charge or the defective parts will be replaced free of charge.

Buying A Treadmill With A Lifetime Warranty

Buying a treadmill with a lifetime warranty gives peace of mind that if anything goes wrong it will be repaired or replaced and with free delivery often within two days of placing your order your have your treadmill delivered to your home quickly too.

The Maximum User Weight Of The Treadmill Is 110Kg ThatíS 17.5 Stone

The maximum user weight of the treadmill is 110kg thatís 17.5 stone, meaning that users over 17.5 stone should not use this treadmill as the treadmill will not be powerful enough and strong enough to support their weight, however 17.5 stones is a lot of weight and for all but the heaviest of users this treadmill will allow them to lose weight, lose fat and get fit, if you weigh over 17.5 stone you should seek medical advice before beginning a weightless or exercise programme.

Fatter users will appreciate the pulse rate sensors and heart rate monitors built into the digital display and handrails of the treadmill, if your level of exercise is too much for you the treadmill will flash a heart rate too high or heart rate too low message, its just like having your own personal trainer or doctor with you when your running who can advise you of when to work harder or when to slow down.

The X-Lite Treadmill has stereo speakers mounted at the front of the treadmill, you can plug in any device that has a headphone socket and have the music piped to the external speakers, this includes Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods as well as Android tablets and phones, Windows phones and tablets with headphone sockets are also supported, you can listen to music, podcasts or watch videos with the sound delivered through the treadmill stereo speakers.

When running or walking many people prefer to hear the sound come out of speakers rather than trailing headphone cables between their device and the treadmill as this could be dangerous if the cable from the device caused the user to trip or fall, and headphones become sweaty in use as you run or walk and this is uncomfortable, with speakers the sound comes directly out of the speakers without the need for headphones.

The Treadmill Weighs 50 Kg Thatís 7.8 Stone

The treadmill weighs 50 kg thatís 7.8 stone, the treadmill when folded has transit wheels that can be used to push the folded treadmill between rooms in your home, the wheels work on carpet, wood, concrete, laminate and vinyl, the weight of the treadmill ensures the treadmill is strong enough to support runners up to 17.5 stone in weight.

On the large display screen your able to see your heart rate, body fat, calories, speed, distance and time, the calorie counter counts the number of calories actually burned due to your exercise, you enter your weight on the digital display (using the increase and decrease buttons) and your weight plus the effort your making as you walk or run is used to calculate the calories burned so you can actually see in real time the calories your burning as your running or walking, set yourself a goal of burning a set number of calories each day and use the built in exercise programmes or the manual control programmes and set the speed and incline yourself to see how many calories you can burn each day.

The Treadmill Running Deck Is 1200 MM In Length And 400 MM In Width

The treadmill running deck is 1200 mm in length and 400 mm in width thatís over 42 inches in length and over 15 inches in width, thatís an extra wide running deck which gives runners and walkers a lot more room to position their feet than on many other treadmills which have a much smaller width, the widely spaced handlebars means that larger runners wonít find the handlebars digging into their sides as they would like more room, thereís plenty room on this extra wide treadmill.

At over 42 inches in length thatís a large running deck which can be used by people with a large leg stride, the larger your stride the larger the running deck you need, both runners and walkers feel safer running on a larger running deck rather than a very small running deck which gives the perception that your about to fall off the treadmill.

Cushioning Points Are Built Into The Treadmill To Cushion Your Joints

4 high impact cushioning points are built into the treadmill to cushion your joints against impact injury, the cushioned running deck also reduces bounce and gives a firmer push off for your feet and legs which helps reduce impact injury due to jolting, a perfect choice for runners and walkers with arthritis.

The maximum speed of the treadmill is 16 km per hour when using the manual speed increase buttons and 12 km per hour when using the exercise programmes, the reason for the difference in maximum speeds is safety, the automated exercise programme should not push you to the limits of the treadmill but the manual speed increase buttons allow the full speed of the treadmill to be used, the reasoning is that if you manually select the top speed thatís what you meant to do rather than with the automatic exercise programmes where you may not want to be running at full speed.

The maximum manual speed of 16 km per hour is 9.94 miles per hour and the maximum speed when using the exercise programmes is 12 km per hour or 7.45 miles per hour, meaning that if you where to run a marathon at the machines top manual speed you would complete the marathon in just over two and half hours.