X-Lite II Treadmill Review

X-Lite II Treadmill Review

X-Lite II Treadmill

The X-Lite II Treadmill is a compact treadmill for use in your home, the treadmill is super lightweight and easy to manoeuvre whilst having great stability, the treadmill features a BMI calculator, 3 level manual incline, 12kph maximum speed, powerful 1100 watt electric motor, 14 automatic exercise programmes, 1 manual control programme, HiFi speaker system, MP3 and iPhone connection socket, water bottle holders, hand controls, heart rate sensors and it features a motorised folding system too.

Compact Treadmill

Being a compact treadmill the X-Lite II Treadmill is easily stored in your home, the treadmill has a motorised folding mechanism where the treadmill running deck lifts up at the push of a button and parks in a vertical position level with the handlebars, many Folding Treadmills like the Reebok ZR8 Treadmill fold up to an angled position, these treadmills although folding still take up a significant amount of room in your home, the X-Lite II Treadmill folds completely flat as it folds in on itself so you can push the folded treadmill flat against a wall out of the way.

Lightweight Treadmill

The X-Lite II Treadmill is a lightweight treadmill so itís easy to manoeuvre around your home, but lightweight doesnít mean that it is not sturdy, the powerful electric motor has a maximum speed of 12kph (kilometres per hour) thatís 7.5 miles per hour, so at the maximum speed you would run a 26 mile marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes, not a bad time and just goes to show how fast the X-Lite II Treadmill is, of course the speed is fully controllable through sensors on the handlebars and you can choose to run at any speed you choose.

BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)

The X-Lite features a BMI calculator (Body Mass Index) calculator, the treadmill has built in pulse rate sensors inside the handlebars and simply holding the handlebars will cause your pulse rate to be displayed on screen, these same pulse rate sensors can also measure the bodies electrical resistance (donít worry itís safe) and the preferred method of measuring the amount of fat over your body (which changes with electrical resistance), enter your weight in kilogrammes or stone and the treadmill display will tell you your BMI rating (how fat you are), you can then use the exercise programmes to lower your BMI over time to lose weight and become more healthier.

Three Level Manual Incline

The X-Lite II treadmill also features a three level manual incline, what this means is that you can choose if the treadmill should run flat or if you should run slightly uphill by setting an incline on the treadmill running deck, the advantages of an incline is that it causes your calves and gluts to work harder and gives better muscle definition on your legs.

Powerful 1100 Watt Electrical Motor

The powerful 1100 watt electrical motor (1.1KW) not only delivers a fast maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour but also continuously drives the treadmill belt around even when your running hard and pounding the treadmill deck with each step, the treadmill wonít slow down as you move all your weight to one foot and come in contact with the running deck like some lesser powered treadmills will, its the power rating of the electrical motor (1100 watt) that ensures a smooth run or walk.

14 Automatic Exercise Programmes Built Into The Treadmill

There are 14 automatic exercise programmes built into the treadmill, this covers a range of running scenarios for different goals like losing weight, strengthening heart rate, uphill running, calorie burning, fast run, gentle run etc., as well as the 14 built in exercise programmes thereís also a manual program where you can just step onto the treadmill select a speed you like and start walking or running, even if your using a built in exercise programme you can still use the hand grip mounted speed controls (increase and decrease speed) to change how fast the treadmill deck is moving, being hand grip mounted you donít even have to move your hands away from the handlebars to operate the treadmill, some people when new to running on a treadmill donít like to lift their hands off the handlebars as they need the handlebars for support and stability when running, so having the speed control buttons mounted on the handlebars means they donít have to overreach themselves and feel like they might fall off.

Built In Stereo Hifi Speakers

With built in stereo HiFi speakers in the front of the treadmill, users can plug in an MP3 player or iPhone into the speakers and hear their music come out of the speakers at the front of the treadmill rather than have to use a pair of headphones, not everyone likes to use headphones when treadmill running as they have a tendency to fall out when your running or become sweaty as you exercise, so speakers become a great alternative to listen to your music or podcasts.

Two Water Bottle Holders

The X-Lite II has two water bottle holders on the front of the treadmill console directly in front of the runner so itís easy to grab a bottle of water whilst your running and then put the water bottle back into the generous sized holders which are angled to hold the water bottle upright no matter how vigorously your running, with two water bottles you can hold more than just water on the treadmill, you might want an energy drink or flavoured water as well as a plain water bottle.

Pulse Measurement Sensors In The Handlebars

The pulse measurement sensors in the handlebars measure your pulse simply by holding your hands on the hand grips as you exercise, your pulse rate is displayed on screen and as your running if your pulse rate falls or rises beyond safe limits the treadmill will warn you with a message that your pulse rate is too high or low and to stop exercising, as well as pulse rate, your heart rate is displayed on screen, this is calculated from your pulse rate data.

Lifetime Warranty

The X-Lite II Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the electric motor, it is the electric motor that is in constant use as you are exercising and is pounded with every step you make on the treadmill running deck, so with a lifetime warranty on the motor if ever the motor develops a fault your be able to get the motor unit replaced free of charge (no parts or labour costs) and the treadmill will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Thereís a two year warranty on the treadmill frame and all other parts, other than the lifetime warranty on the motor there is little to go wrong, the treadmill will either work for many years to come or not work at all and so whilst two years on the frame and parts is great your unlikely to need this warranty but of course it is there if you do and all thatís needed to make a warranty claim is to phone the customer service number that comes in the printed manual with the treadmill.

Customer Service

Users can also phone the customer service number for help in using the treadmill, X-Lite would rather solve any problems you might have about how to use the treadmill then have you send the treadmill back (at X-Lites expense) just because you werenít sure how to use a specific feature.

14 Pre-Set Exercise Programs, One Manual Programme There Quick Start Programmes

As well as 14 pre-set exercise programs and one manual programme there are also three quick start programmes, these are ideal for quick workouts and runs where you donít have much time and just what to run for a couple of minutes and then stop, these quick start exercise programmes are mini workouts capable of adjusting the speed of the treadmill to create a mini run.

The treadmill speakers come supplied with a standard 3.5 and 2.5 mm jack plug for plugging the speakers into your iPhone or Android phone, simply plug the speakers into the phones headphone socket in the usual manner and your iPhone or Android device will start playing music out of the treadmills speakers.

Folds Up Completely Flat

Black and dark grey in colour this modern and stylish treadmill folds up completely flat and stores in an upright folded position, itís only truly modern treadmill designs that store upright with many other makes of treadmills with folding running decks storing the treadmill deck at an angle, this takes up far more storage room at home than a straight folded treadmill.

Digital Display Screen

The digital display screen built into the front of the treadmill console displays speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate information on the screen all at the same time so its easy to see at a glance how well your doing and for motivation how long you have left to run or how far you have run or how many calories you have burned.

There are three levels of incline on the treadmill, whilst the treadmill specifications refer to manual incline, let me explain thatís not manual in the sense of many cheap treadmills which have an incline mechanism that must be adjusted manually often with tools when you are not running on the treadmill, in this case manual incline means that you can control the amount of incline manually, by yourself without the treadmill without exercise programmes automatically setting the incline for you, setting a level of incline makes your running or walking harder and your burn more calories, lose more weight and tone your legs faster with an incline.

Inclines can be set at anything from 0% to 7% off flat, thatís a large level of incline and worth noting that setting the treadmill on a 7% incline will burn over one hundred more calories in thirty minutes than running or walking on the flat.

Extra Wide Running Deck

The treadmill has an extra wide running deck with 400mm width thatís nearly 18 inches of width, so plenty of room if you donít like to run straight but find yourself running slightly to the left or the right, with small running decks that are too narrow your often find yourself running onto the frame of the running deck accidentally, so a wide running deck ensures you have all the room you need to run, ideal for runners or walkers with big feet.

At 1100mm in length the treadmill can accommodate users with a large stride length, 1100mm is over 43 inches that's over a metre in length so plenty of room for even the tallest of users (tall people have larger stride lengths than shorter people).

The treadmill running deck has a moving belt with grooves in the commercial grade rubber, these grooves help strengthen the rubber ensuring not only a longer life for the running deck but also better grip for you as you run or walk on the treadmill surface, most people choose to run or walk in trainers or specialised running shoes but you can even run bare foot on a treadmill that has a grooved running belt as the grooves ensure that your feet have traction on the surface of the belt and that you wonít slip.

Grooves in the running belt also give the running deck a slight bounce this helps reduce impact damage on your knee joints as the belt absorbs more of the impact forces as your running.

When the treadmill running deck is folded upwards (you donít even have to push the running deck upwards to lock it into its folded upright position as the running deck is motorised and will fold itself at the push of a button), when the treadmill is folded wheels underneath the treadmill allow for the treadmill to be easily wheeled around your home so you can store the treadmill in a garage or shed or under the stairs and simply wheel the treadmill to the room you want to exercise in and put the treadmill back in storage when not in use.

Safety Lock

The treadmill has a safety lock so that it cannot be operated when in the folded position and cannot fold without first unlocking the treadmill for storage.

Maximum User Weight Of 120Kg (19 Stone)

The X-Lite II Treadmill is a strong treadmill with a maximum user weight of 120kg which is 19 stone, meaning the treadmill is rated for use by persons up to 19 stone in weight, thatís a lot heavier weight than other makes of treadmill that would normally only carry a weight of 14 stone, so if your overweight and looking to lose weight or are of a large build this is the best treadmill for you.

The three levels of incline on the treadmill are great for simulating running or walking uphill something that not all makes of treadmill offer, the first level of incline is a horizontal or flat (no incline) position, the second level of incline is between 3 to 5 degrees and the third level of incline is 7 to 8 degrees.