X-Lite Sprint Treadmill Review, Small Size, Lightweight

X-Lite Sprint Treadmill Review, Small Size, Lightweight

X-Lite Sprint Treadmill Review

X-Lite Sprint Treadmill Review, small size, lightweight, easy to store and easy to move around your home, this motorised folding treadmill has a strong 750 watt motor for continuous use, 12 built in exercise programmes, 1 manual exercise programme, a fixed incline with 10% gradient, five quick action keys on the central console for easy access, a top speed of 10 km per hour and two bottle holders each side of the treadmill digital display.

The X-Lite Sprint Treadmill has a super small size and is lightweight so itís really easy to move and store the treadmill in your home and with the motorised folding action the treadmill running deck will automatically fold upwards for storage or unfold flat at the push of a button, no trying to manhandle the heavy deck upwards or downwards.

Powerful 750 Watt Motor

The powerful 750 watt motor powers the treadmill with a top speed of 10 km per hour thatís 6.21 miles per hour, so at full speed you can run a 26 mile marathon in 4 hours and 20 minutes on this treadmill, of course with 12 built-in exercise programmes and manual control you can run as fast or as slow as you like, but its good to know how powerful and fast the X-Lite Sprint is.

The 12 exercise programmes are designed to offer different ways of using the treadmill, to lose weight and build muscle, to increase cardiovascular exercise, to trim and tone, for walking, for distance running and for jogging and thereís a manual mode too so rather than have the exercise programme change speed and duration you can change these settings yourself.

Thereís also a 10% gradient set on the treadmill, this provides a slight upward angle to your running which gives your feet a better grip on the treadmill surface and is better at toning your legs and thighs.

Sprint Treadmill

The Sprint Treadmill is a Ďfold and storeí treadmill meaning itís lightweight and easy to move from an in use or open position to a folded position by using the automatic folding mechanism, at the push of a button the treadmill deck will move upwards and put itself in a near horizontal position where it will occupy a lot less floor space, because the treadmill is lightweight its easy to store too and then at the push of a button you can automatically lower the treadmill deck back into its unfolded position ready for use.

The X-Lite Sprint Treadmill has a height of 126 cm a width of 60 cm and a length of 120 cm, thatís 48 inches in height, 23 inches in width and 47 inches in length.

The electric motor comes with a lifetime warranty against electrical or mechanical failure and thereís also a two year warranty on the frame and any parts of the treadmill, the customer service telephone number is included with the instructions and if you have any problems knowing how to work the treadmill or need any spare parts then the customer service hotline will be able to help.

Thereís a calorie counter on the treadmill display this helps you burn calories as you walk or run and the 12 built in exercise programmes will help you shape hips, thighs and tummy not to mention give definition to your bottom.

The treadmill has a weight of 24 kg thatís 3.77 stone, so you can see just how light and easy to move this treadmill is, itís the perfect home treadmill but with all the features of a commercial treadmill that you might find down at the gym.

Salus Sports X-Lite Sprint Treadmill

The Salus Sports X-Lite Sprint Treadmill has a very modern look with itís black frame and brightly coloured control buttons of yellow, red and green, thereís wheels at the bottom of the treadmill that only engage with the floor when the treadmill is folded and tilted so its easy to wheel this lightweight treadmill around your home, using the treadmill in one room and storing the treadmill in another room of your home.

The treadmill features 12 Quick Look exercise programmes, this means you donít have to press lots of mode buttons to access your favourite exercise programme its easily available directly from the main console in front of the user.

The lifetime warranty on the electric motor is a very welcome inclusion, its the electric motor thatís most likely to fail as this is the component that drives the treadmill running deck around, very few treadmills will offer a lifetime warranty making the Salus Sports Treadmill unique.

The large LCD display is a beautiful blue LCD screen which is easy to see in all light levels, the blue back light makes for a display which is not glaring and easy to see in all light levels and perfect if you have poor eyesight and have taken off your glasses or contact lenses for exercise. The digital display features speed, distance and calories, you can display all three of these readings one after the other or pause the display on just the measurement that interests you, you might for example like to see the calorie counter count up as you exercise, whatever is the most motivational for you.

The 12 exercise programmes offer different treadmill programmes for high intensity running, low intensity running or walking, all with built-in rest periods where the treadmill will automatically slow down for a set period to allow you to catch your breath before picking up the pace (speed) again, you can at any time override the speed of the treadmill with the speed increase and decrease buttons on the treadmill console in front of you.

Using the built-in exercise programmes you can select a high intensity exercise programme that then has low intensity rest periods, this scientifically designed exercise programme increases your aerobic capacity (the ability to get oxygen around your body) and will continue to burn calories up to 8 hours after you have exercised.

The X-Lite Sprint features a longer running deck than other Folding Treadmill, X-Lite II Treadmill, JLL S300 Digital Treadmill Review, Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill Review or Reebok ZR8 Treadmill.

Indeed the X-Lite II Treadmill is also manufactured by Salus Sports and is the higher specification version to this the Salus Sports X-Lite Sprint Treadmill. With the 10% incline your burn up to 100 calories more for every 30 minutes of exercise that yon do, thatís a lot of additional calories just for having an incline or raised running deck, not to mention improved definition on your thighs, calves and buttocks due to an incline.

X-Lite Treadmill

The 102 cm length and 34 cm width running deck is wider than many other treadmills giving you more room to take bigger strides or stand more comfortably on the treadmill, in inches the size of the running deck is 40 inches in length and 13 inches in width. The running deck has built in shock absorption which reduces treadmill deck bounce the deck is also cushioned to reduce impact injury and pain to your knees, ankles, spine and hips as you run or walk on the treadmill surface, the anti bounce treadmill deck allows you to run or walk as if you where running or walking on a road surface rather than feeling like you are bouncing along a piece of rubber, its a more realistic treadmill deck.

The treadmill has a 750 watt motor thatís approximately three quarters of a kilowatt and so uses less power then your domestic kettle to run, so donít worry that having a treadmill in your home will increase your electricity bill, its cheaper to run than boiling the kettle for a cup of tea.

Many people who are not used to running on a treadmill worry that they might fall off the treadmill, and that the treadmill deck will keep moving causing them greater injury, the X-Lite Sprint Treadmill features an emergency stop cord, this cord has a magnetic fixture at one end, the magnet on the safety cord is placed onto the console, the magnet holds the cord on the console and the other end of the cord can be attached to your clothing or worn around your wrist, if you fall or tug on the cord the cord will be pulled away from its magnetic seating and the treadmill will come to a full emergency stop preventing injury, when your ready to resume your exercise just place the magnetic safety cord back on the console.

The X-Lite Treadmill is very quiet in operation with only a low humming noise when in use, neighbours opposite the room that your using the treadmill in will not be able to hear the treadmill in operation, you can watch TV or listen to the radio without having to turn the volume control up any higher than usual, you wonít disturb other members of the household or the neighbours, ideal if you want to use the treadmill late at night or early in the morning.

If your training for Tough Mudder or another assault course you can use this treadmill to increase your general level of fitness, lose weight and build muscle in your legs.

The treadmill is powered by an electric motor, so your need to plug the treadmill into a standard mains electrical socket for the treadmill to operate, the mains electricity also powers the digital display so thereís no need for any separate batteries for the display console.

The maximum user weight for the X-Lite Sprint Treadmill is 18 stone, an ideal treadmill for a heavier user with a powerful 750 watt motor with a lifetime warranty so your always be able to use the treadmill knowing that its suitable for your weight and you wonít cause the treadmill to wear out early from overuse.

The maximum exercise programme duration is one hour, you can use the treadmill on any setting for one hour and see a counter on the screen showing you the minutes and seconds, when the treadmill counts to one hour the treadmill will stop, this is to limit the use for most people, you can simply reselect the exercise programme and carry on using the treadmill but for most people unless you are in training for a marathon or other race, one hour should be sufficient exercise on a treadmill each day.

The customer service from Salus is first class, if your treadmill breaks down and you need a replacement simply contact Salus who will send a replacement out to you immediately, they will then separately arrange for collection of the broken treadmill so you wonít even be without a treadmill if you have a breakdown and you wonít be required to prove the treadmill is faulty and send the treadmill back first, the treadmill will be replaced immediately with no questions asked.

Treadmill Delivered By Courier

The treadmill is delivered by courier and arrives in a packing box to prevent damage to the treadmill in transit, some simple last minute adjustments are required to get the treadmill ready for first use and these will take no more than ten minutes to perform and then your be exercising on your treadmill.

Small Treadmill

This is a small treadmill, ideal for home use, it folds down so small and is so easy to move around the house, its the ideal treadmill for anyone with a small house or flat or anyone who is regularly moving between homes and needs a treadmill thatís easy to take with them.

The Salus Treadmill is very easy to use, simply stand on the running deck and press the go button, its that simple, no complicated modes to select or manual adjustments to be made, stand and go, the quickest way to walk or run indoors.

Narrow Treadmill Deck

The treadmill deck is narrower than some other makes of treadmill, this is due to its compact size and makes the treadmill ideal for smaller homes that would not have the room for a full size treadmill, its a great treadmill for children too, the smaller size means that children feel well supported on a treadmill that feels their size rather than a treadmill that feels way to big for them to use comfortably and safely.

The X-Lite Treadmill is delivered very quickly by courier, order today and (if you ordered early enough in the day) your have your treadmill tomorrow at no extra charge.

The X-Lite Sprint Treadmill is ideal for users wanting a compact treadmill that can easily fit into a small home or flat the automatic treadmill folding mechanism makes the treadmill easy to use and the emergency stop cord provides the safety thatís especially important when using a treadmill in a confined space.